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The Egyptian civilization (Egyptians) is a default civilization in Civilization II.


The Egyptians are a yellow civilization. A game including the Egyptians will not have the Spanish or Aztecs.


Ramesses II and Cleopatra (Civ2).png
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The default male leader of the Egyptians is Ramesses. Ramesses II (c. 1303–1213 BC) was the 3rd king of Egypt's 18th Dynasty and ruled from his teens until his nineties. He restored Egyptian control over Canaan (present-day Israel) but lost Syria to the Hittites.

The default female leader is Cleopatra. Cleopatra VII (69–30 BC) was not an ethnic Egyptian but a descendant of the Macedonian general Ptolemy, who carried on Hellenic rule in Egypt after the death of Alexander the Great. She defeated her brother Ptolemy XIII with the help of the Roman Julius Caesar, by whom she bore Caesarion. After Caesar's murder, she sided with Marcus Antonius against Octavian (later Augustus) and committed suicide after Antony's defeat at Actium.

Egyptian leaders use the default titles except under despotism and monarchy. An Egyptian emperor or empress is known as a "pharaoh". An Egyptian king or queen is known as a "great pharaoh".


The Egyptian AI, like the Chinese one, is civilized.

City list[]

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The default Egyptian city list is a mix of the latinized Greek names that English usually uses for ancient Egyptian cities and the English and Egyptian Arabic names of less famous archaeological sites, medieval and modern Egyptian cities, and ancient Nubian locations.

  1. Thebes (default capital)
  2. Memphis
  3. Heliopolis
  4. Elephantine
  5. Alexandria
  6. Pi-Ramesses
  7. Giza
  8. Byblos
  9. El-Amarna
  10. Hieraconpolis
  11. Abydos
  12. Asyut
  13. Avaris
  14. Lisht
  15. Buto
  16. Edfu
  17. Pithom
  18. Busiris
  19. Kahun
  20. Athribis
  21. Mendes
  22. El-Ashmunein
  23. Tanis
  24. Buhen
  25. Bubastis
  26. This
  27. Oryx
  28. Sebennytus
  29. Cairo
  30. Canopus
  31. El Karnak
  32. Luxor
  33. Suez
  34. Damietta
  35. Rosetta
  36. Aswan
  37. Qertassi
  38. El Dakka
  39. Amada
  40. Aksha
  41. Kumma
  42. Meroe
  43. Semma
  44. Gebel Adda
  45. Philae
  46. Idfu
  47. Dishna
  48. Isna
  49. Akmim
  50. Port Said
  51. Mallawi

When this list is completed, the game continues with the names in the extra cities list. When that list is completed, the game cycles back to the top of this list with "Thebes" again.

Memphis and Giza are within a few miles of modern Cairo. Thebes, Karnak, and Luxor are also similarly close together. Edfu and Idfu are different romanizations of the same city name. Oryx was a nome, not a city. This, Isna, and Akmim are variant spellings of Thinis, Esna, and Akhmim. Semma is a misspelling of Semna.


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In the Rome scenario, Egypt is known as the Ptolemaic Greeks and uses the Spanish graphics and personality.

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