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The Electronics Factory is a unique building of the Japanese civilization in Civilization VI. It is built in the Industrial Zone district and replaces the Factory.


This building is not much of an improvement compared to the standard Factory. Unlike, for example, the Tlachtli (also a pretty underwhelming unique building), the Electronics Factory actually comes into play often, but not because it is so powerful and unique, but because the standard Factory and the Industrial Zone are so important that they are impossible to ignore. What sets it apart from its standard counterpart is totally negligible. In vanilla and Rise and Fall, it receives only 1 more Civ6Production Production. In Gathering Storm, its base effect is even worse, as it is exactly the same as the Factory, only when Powered, it gains an extra 5 Civ6Production Production compared to the 3 Civ6Production Production of the Factory. This is the only case in the entire game where the bonuses of a unique building are all conditional, meaning you do not receive any "uniqueness" right after you finish the building. Of course, when you unlock Electricity, each copy of this building provides +4 Civ6Culture Culture (another conditional bonus), but how impactful is this 4 Civ6Culture Culture per city when the Modern Era starts? Considering that Japan does not have any bonuses towards generating Civ6Science Science but some bonuses towards Civ6Culture Culture (they can build Theater Squares in half the time), and this bonus is bound to a technology, not a civic, meaning you will not have an easier time unlocking this to gain an edge over other empires. Not to mention, the bonus is extra Civ6Culture Culture, something you most likely already have an abundance of or have no difficulty of generating in the first place, which makes this bonus sound so much worse than it already does. Just a fun fact, in Gathering Storm, England has their "regular" Factory even superior to this unique building, as it provides 3 Civ6Production Production like normal, but an additional whopping 7 Civ6Production Production when powered.

All in all, don't think too much of this building. You will still have to use it, since the Industrial Zone is an important district and the Factory is crucial when the Industrial Era comes, but you do not exactly have an edge over anybody else with their regular copies of the Factory.

Civilopedia entry Edit

With the advent of consumer electronics, the market for all manner of gizmos and gadgets for entertainment, communication and wasting time exploded in the late 20th Century. The Consumer Electronics Association estimated that sales of electronics for personal use – from computers to MP3 players, calculators to digital cameras, and so forth – exceeded 150 billion dollars in 2007 AD. To feed this postmodern addiction, semi-skilled laborers working in sprawling electronics factories assemble standardized parts into an ever-increasing flood of new products. Leading the way in this tidal wave is Japan, with the largest electronics industry in the world, although both South Korea and China are increasingly competitive. The first “modern” electronics factory was built by Sony, founded in 1946 AD. In the 1950s, Japanese engineers pioneered commercial applications for the transistor and in the 1970s and 1980s for the semi-conductor. Japanese innovations in miniaturization and in standardizing electronics manufacturing have kept their factories the most profitable in the most competitive field in consumerism ever seen.

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