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Emancipation Gate
Emancipation Gate (CivBE).png
Project in Beyond Earth
Cost 1750 Production
Requires 13 Supremacy Supremacy
Purpose Planetary Wonder. Used to send Military Units through a warp gate to Earth. Leads to the Emancipation Victory.

The Emancipation Gate is a Planetary Wonder that's required for the Emancipation Victory. The Emancipation Gate is essentially the same as Warp Gate required for the Purity version of the victory, but with a yellow color and a different required technology. It is used by the Supremacist culture that builds it to facilitate the liberation of their still-organic cousins on Old Earth, suffering under the consequences of the Great Mistake, by providing the technology and (military) manpower needed to systematically neurally upload all those left behind.

Requires: Hypercomputing, Supremacy level 13

This Wonder takes up an entire hex. To build this Wonder, select Emancipation Gate from the City build list. One will then be presented with the locations where the wonder may be built. Select a suitable hex and answer the confirmation prompt. Any previous improvements on that hex will be removed.


Humanity has always distinguished itself as a species unwilling to accept the status quo, and able to affect change through creativity, work, and tools. As Earth had passed into decline, humanity's ability to survive this change had been sorely tested, and the Inflection Point had shown that a reckless, uncoordinated use of scarce resources had been catastrophic to the species. From now on, humanity must overcome all its obstacles through the coordinated use of resources and tools. Technology must overcome all obstacles, beginning with the first obstacles. Earth would be emancipated from suffering and want by the use of technology; a necessary and still deeply symbolic demonstration of the power of human supremacy over the environment. There were many who did not understand that the Emancipation was, first and foremost, initiated by a deep longing to liberate humanity from thralldom to the environment. Supremacy has always shown that there is a tool that can overcome any obstacle, alleviate any hurt, and neutralize any threat.

Construction of the Emancipation Gate was conducted in excellent time, as humans and their tools were able to build and engineer in close coordination, maximizing processes and minimizing waste and inefficiency. It was through the precision of AI guidance that the wormhole was opened on Earth over the distance of light-years, and only advanced systems could have metered the power to the wormhole to hold it stable as our envoys carried the Word of Supremacy back to Earth.

But the first contact with Earth demonstrated that there were still factions that would hold their population in bondage to old, outdated ideology and ways of thinking, and to permit this suffering to continue was unacceptable. Armies were assembled, the finest ever constructed, and sent on humanity's best military campaign, operated through telepresent surrogacy by soldiers whose coordination and power was unachievable by those unwilling to adopt their tools and methods. Though the armies of the oppressors were numerous, they were inferior. They rejected our glory, and thus were humbled by it. Region by region, Emancipation came to the people of Earth.

How quickly the fate of those on Earth has improved! They rightly view us as saviors and liberators, and we are humble and willing to share our knowledge, our tools, and our power with them. Is it not self-evident that humanity must overcome all challenges it may meet? Is our approach not merely an extension of that which our spear-wielding ancestors knew? Humanity is the tool-maker, and we change the world to suit our needs, rejecting all limits, and moving always to progress for all.


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