The English civilization (English) are a playable civilization in Civilization II.


The English are an orange civilization. If they are included in a game, the Carthaginians and Greeks will not appear.


Henry VIII and Elizabeth I (Civ2)
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The default male leader of the English is Henry VIII (1491–1547), a Tudor king of England and Ireland. He is mostly known for his concern with producing a male heir for his throne, which caused him to undertake the English Reformation and ultimately to marry six times.

The default female leader is Elizabeth I (1533–1603), Tudor queen of England and Ireland and daughter of Henry VIII. Taking power upon her brother and sister's deaths, she maintained her independence by avoiding marriage and most wars, but—when threatened by the Spanish—her naval forces were able to defeat its Grand Armada in 1588. Her reign is also well known for its flourishing culture, including Shakespeare's plays.

English leaders use the default titles except under fundamentalism and democracy. An English high priest or priestess is known as a "lord protector" (male) or "lady protector" (female). An English president, like a Greek or Japanese one, is known as a "prime minister".


The English AI is expansionist.

City listEdit

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The English city list starts with the major medieval cities of London and York. It then proceeds fairly randomly through other settlements and battle sites within England proper.

  1. London (default capital)
  2. York
  3. Nottingham
  4. Hastings
  5. Canterbury
  6. Coventry
  7. Warwick
  8. Newcastle
  9. Oxford
  10. Liverpool
  11. Dover
  12. Brighton
  13. Norwich
  14. Leeds
  15. Reading
  16. Birmingham
  17. Richmond
  18. Exeter
  19. Cambridge
  20. Gloucester
  21. Manchester
  22. Bristol
  23. Leicester
  24. Carlisle
  25. Ipswich
  26. Portsmouth
  27. Berwick
  28. Worthing
  29. Sheffield
  30. Yarmouth
  31. Middlesbrough
  32. Kingston
  33. Preston
  34. Chester
  35. Bedford
  36. St. Albans
  37. Windsor
  38. Southampton
  39. Plymouth
  40. Bolton
  41. Doncaster
  42. Stoke
  43. Smerthwick
  44. Hertford
  45. Aylesbury
  46. Salisbury
  47. Southend
  48. Gillingham
  49. Northampton
  50. Hereford
  51. Hartlepool
  52. Darlington
  53. Tynemouth
  54. Douglas
  55. Harwich

When this list is completed, the game continues with the names in the extra cities list. When that list is completed, the game cycles back to the top of this list with "London" again.

Birmingham also appears on the American list. London and York are the same settlements as Londinium and Eburacum on the Roman list.


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The English appear in the World War II scenario as the Allies, led by Churchill.

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