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The Entertainment Complex is a District (Civ6) District in Civilization VI, dedicated to providing happiness and Amenities6 Amenities to your empire. It requires the Games and Recreation Civic.

  • Effects:
  • Restrictions:
    • Cannot be built if Water Park has already been built in this city.


The following buildings can be constructed in an Entertainment Complex:


  • R&F-Only Bread and Circuses: City project which increases the Loyalty pressure that this city exerts on itself and other cities nearby. While active, each of your Citizen6 Citizens here exerts +1 (or +0.5) Loyalty pressure to this city. This pressure also affects other cities within 9 tiles, but is 10% less effective per tile. Once completed, instantly gain +20 Loyalty in this city.

Strategy Edit

The Entertainment Complex is one of the districts often overlooked by players. It is not as crucial as, for example, the Holy Site or Encampment, nor is it really as useful as the Commercial Hub. However, when an empire starts growing and its cities go above 10 Citizen6 Population, you will actually find the Entertainment Complex useful indeed! Both small and large empires benefit from more Amenities6 Amenities - the former because they don't have access to many Luxury Resources, and the latter because they have too many cities. Otherwise you will quickly find that you have to put down constant revolts. Still, this district is arguably less useful in the early game than others - seek to add it to your cities in the middle and late game.

Unlike other districts, the Entertainment Complex doesn't have adjacency bonuses. But that doesn't mean that where you place it doesn't matter! The regional effect of its buildings may benefit your empire if you place it in the right place (somewhere close to the center of your extended territory, or at least close to another city), or it may be lost to you if you stick it close to the empire's borders. So, be smart and think ahead.

Civilopedia entryEdit

The "entertainment" district offers family-friendly distractions from the burden of living in an urban environment. In some cities, the entertainment complex is filled with museums and zoos and other edifying sights; in others it is a district of theaters, pubs, music venues and such; and some are the center of the city's sport with stadiums and indoor arenas. Whatever the form – be it the Quartier des Spectacles in Montreal, or Te Aro District in Wellington, or even St. Pauli in Hamburg – every civilized city has one to engender happiness and pride in its citizens, imparting a sense of social identity that the countryside can't.

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