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Ethiopia Pack (Civ6)

Ethiopia Pack key art

The Ethiopia Pack is DLC for Civilization VI that was released on July 23, 2020, as the second part of New Frontier Pass. The pack includes:

The Ethiopia Pack DLC was released simultaneously with the Civilization VI July 2020 Update. The DLC is not required to get the update.

Also, the Catherine de Medici and Teddy Roosevelt Persona Packs were released. These two personas are not included within the Ethiopia Pack, but available exclusively for players who have bought the New Frontier Pass.

Steam Description[]

This content pack introduces Menelik II as the leader of Ethiopia. Ethiopia focuses on cities built on Hills, generating Faith and using Menelik’s “Council of Ministers” ability to boost Science and Culture. It also includes the Secret Societies game mode, where players will encounter mysterious organizations who offer their civilization their powerful skills.

Includes the Ethiopia civilization with Menelik II, the Oromo Cavalry unique unit, and the Rock-Hewn Church tile improvement.

  • Civ Unique Ability: Aksumite Legacy. Cities earn extra Faith from resources, boosted even further when international trade routes originate from resource-rich cities. Ethiopia can purchase Archaeology Museums and Archaeologists with Faith.
  • Leader Unique Ability: Council of Ministers. Menelik II gets extra Culture and Science based on the Faith output of cities founded on Hills. His units also get extra Combat Strength when fighting on Hills.
  • Unique Unit: The Oromo Cavalry has improved Combat Strength and Sight, and suffers no movement penalty for moving on Hills.
  • Unique Tile Improvement: The Rock-Hewn Church can only be built on Hills or Volcanic Soil. It provides Faith with extra Faith from Mountains and Hills. It can only be pillaged, not destroyed, by natural disasters.

New “Secret Societies” Game Mode (Requires the Civilization VI Expansion Bundle to play)

  • An optional, specialized game mode with exclusive rule changes:
  • Adds four Secret Societies to the game.
  • Each Secret Society offers players a specialized Governor who applies their bonuses across the entire civilization.
  • Secret Societies may offer players new Resources, passive bonuses, unique buildings, units, or projects to further the Society’s ends.
  • Use your Secret Society membership to boost favorability and Alliances with other leaders.

New Diplomatic Quarter District and Buildings

  • Build the Diplomatic Quarter, a District that can only be built once per civilization, focusing on foreign relations.
  • Enhance the Diplomatic Quarter by building the Consulate and Chancery buildings.



New achievements[]

The following new Steam achievements were introduced in this DLC:

Battle of Adwa
Battle of Adwa
Defeat an Infantry unit whose capital is on another continent with an Oromo Cavalry.
The Battle of Adwa in 1896 was a decisive Ethiopian victory over Italy that allowed Ethiopia to maintain its independence for another 40 years, unlike the rest of Africa.
Dead But Dreaming
Dead But Dreaming
Earn all Governor promotions for the Voidsingers Secret Society.
The Voidsingers are based on the cults from H. P. Lovecraft's Cthulhu Mythos. One of the iconic lines from The Call of Cthulhu is 'In his house at R'lyeh, dead Cthulhu waits dreaming.'
The Lion of Judah
The Lion of Judah
Win a regular game as Menelik II.
One of the titles of the Solomonic monarchs of Ethiopia, including Menelik II.
The Mask of Baphomet
The Mask of Baphomet
Earn all Governor promotions for the Owls of Minerva Secret Society.
Baphomet is a deity the Knights Templar were accused of worshipping. The latter were once speculated to be instrumental in the origin of Freemasonry, and contributed to the Freemasons' symbolisms and rituals.
This Blood is the Life
This Blood is the Life
Earn all Governor promotions for the Sanguine Pact Secret Society.
A reference to the opening scene in the 1992 vampire film Bram Stoker's Dracula.
Voice of Aiwass
Voice of Aiwass
Earn all Governor promotions for the Hermetic Order Secret Society.
Aleister Crowley claimed to have heard a voice of a non-corporeal intelligence who is then named 'Aiwass.'

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