Ethiopian cities are cities that can be founded by the Ethiopian civilization in Civilization V and its expansions. The first city founded is the Capital5 Capital, and the names of future cities are chosen in the order they appear on the list below.

The names listed are default names; players can change their cities' names if they choose.

Founding Order City Name Notes
1 Addis Ababa Capital of and largest city in Ethiopia
2 Harar Locally known as Gey
3 Adwa Modern city, site of the Battle of Adowa
4 Lalibela Ethiopia’s holiest city with its rock-cut churches
5 Gondar Former capital of Ethiopian Empire
6 Axum Originally the capital of Aksum
7 Dire Dawa Second largest city in Ethiopia
8 Bahir Dar Capital of the Amhara Region
9 Adama Also known as Nazret
10 Mek'ele Capital of the Tigray Region
11 Awasa Home of Hawassa University
12 Jimma Capital of the Oromo Kingdom
13 Jijiga Capital of Somali Region
14 Dessie City in Amhara region
15 Debre Berhan Former capital
16 Shashamane Site of a major battle in April 1941
17 Debre Zeyit Modern day Bishoftu
18 Sodo A separate woreda in south-central Ethiopia
19 Hosaena Administrative center of Hadiya Zone
20 Nekemte Market town in Western Ethiopia
21 Asella Former capital of Arsi Province
22 Dila Administrative center of the Gedeo Zone
23 Adigrat A strategically important gateway to Eritrea and the Red Sea
24 Debre Markos City in east central Ethiopia
25 Kombolcha City guide books call twin of Dessie
26 Debre Tabor Historic town in Debub Gondar zone
27 Sebeta Home of EIAR research station
28 Shire Former capital of the Shire sub-region until the administrative reorganization of the nation following the adoption of the 1995 Ethiopian Constitution.
29 Ambo Spa town in Central Ethiopia
30 Negele Arsi Administrative center of Arsi Negele woreda
31 Gambela Capital of Gambela Region
32 Ziway A fishing town in Oromia
33 Weldiya Capital of the Semien Wollo Zone
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