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Exploration is a social policy tree in Civilization V: Brave New World. It is available at the start of the Medieval Era.

Game Info[]

Exploration enhances your abilities to spread your empire over the seas.

Adopting Exploration gives +1 Movement Movement for Naval units and +1 Sight for Naval Combat units. Unlocks building the Louvre.

Adopting all Policies in the Exploration tree allows you to see Hidden Antiquity Sites. It also allows the purchase of Great Admirals with Faith Faith starting in the Industrial Era.

The +1 Movement Movement bonus from this policy tree also applies to embarked units.

Policy Effect Requirement
Maritime Infrastructure Maritime Infrastructure +3 Production Production in all coastal Cities. Adopting Exploration
Naval Tradition Naval Tradition +1 20xHappiness5.png Happiness for each Harbor, Seaport, or Lighthouse. Adopting Exploration
Navigation School Navigation School A Great Admiral appears. +2 Movement Movement for all Great Admirals. Great Admirals are earned 50% faster. Naval Tradition
Merchant Navy Merchant Navy +1 Gold Gold for each Harbor, Seaport, or Lighthouse, +4 Production Production and +4 Culture Culture in the city with the East India Company. Maritime Infrastructuve & Naval Tradition
Treasure Fleets Treasure Fleets +4 Gold Gold from all your Sea Trade Routes. Merchant Navy


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Civilopedia entry[]

Since man first settled in one place, there have always been those among them who have been driven to see what lies over the horizon. Whether motivated by profit, adventure, religion, necessity or just curiosity, explorers have widened our knowledge of the world and its wonders. In the process of exploring, they have also linked diverse and distant cultures, for good or ill. Great explorers from the Carthaginian Hanno to the Chinese admiral Wang Dayuan to the Englishman Sir Richard Burton and thousands of others have driven the expansion of civilizations and shaped history.

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