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Explorer's Map Pack DLC (Civ5)

The Explorer's Map Pack is a DLC for Civilization V released on May 3, 2011. It is now available to purchase on various digital game distributors including Steam.

Steam DescriptionEdit

Explorers Map Pack

Ten fantastic single-player maps make up this Civilization V DLC pack designed by Firaxis Games. Five of the maps are based on real-world locations, chosen for their historical interest and gameplay possibilities. The remaining five are scripted map environments. These maps will change from game to game, but will focus on an exciting gameplay theme. From the arid Sandstorm to the lush Amazon, and from the Caribbean to the Bering Strait, these maps will give skillful Civilization V players new lands to conquer!


Civilization V- Explorers Map Pack Walkthrough

Civilization V- Explorers Map Pack Walkthrough

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