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Civ6Faith Faith is one of the main statistics in Civilization VI. It is used mainly as a currency to fuel a civilization's religious pursuits, similar to how Civ6Gold Gold is used as a currency for political functions and civilization upkeep. However, now that we have a whole victory type dedicated to Religion, Civ6Faith Faith becomes as important as Civ6Gold Gold, if not even more important.


Civ6Faith Faith is primarily used in Religion and its activities. First, it can be used to buy a Pantheon, which requires 25 Civ6Faith Faith. After you found a Religion, or after any of your cities with a Holy Site has been converted to a Religion, Civ6Faith Faith can be used to purchase religious units there, including:

As with Civ6Gold Gold purchases, the Civ6Faith Faith price of successive units will rise (except for Warrior Monks, whose price is always 200 Civ6Faith Faith). This is more important here, since there is no way to produce religious units. This means that, as the game progresses, you will have to necessarily spend more and more Civ6Faith Faith for new units!

If the Religion your cities follow has certain Beliefs, you will also be able to purchase religious buildings, such as the Cathedral or the Mosque. But, under special circumstances, other buildings and units may also be purchased with Civ6Faith Faith - look for the special descriptions of game items! Again, as with Civ6Gold Gold, purchasing multiple buildings with Civ6Faith Faith won't raise their price.

In Rise and Fall Civ6Faith Faith can be used to buy Land units if your civilization has built the Grand Master's Chapel in its Government Plaza, making it equal to Civ6Gold Gold in this aspect. Also, the Monumentality Golden Age Dedication allows buying Civilian units with Civ6Faith Faith, including the very important Settler unit to expand your empire!

Finally, Civ6Faith Faith can be used at all times to purchase Great People via Patronage, which makes it useful even to civilizations who didn't found a religion and are not interested in Theological Combat. Those will simply pile up their Civ6Faith Faith until the right moment, then spend it to patronize a Great Person.


Civ6Faith Faith primarily comes from Holy Site districts and their respective buildings, the Shrine (+2 Civ6Faith Faith) and the Temple (+4 Civ6Faith Faith). The Holy Site is one of the first District (Civ6) Districts in the game, unlocking early in the Ancient Era, and thus is also one of the first sources of Civ6Faith Faith for your nascent empire. Additionally, Holy Sites' Adjacency bonuses are relatively easy to activate and thus boost your early production; also each Specialist Citizen6 Citizen grants +2 Civ6Faith Faith.

Religious city-states may grant up to +4 Civ6Faith Faith in every Holy Site district (+2 Civ6Faith Faith for each Shrine and Temple instead of base district in Rise and Fall), depending on the number of Envoy6 Envoys assigned to that particular city-state, plus an additional +2 Civ6Faith Faith in the Capital6 Capital.

With the Ethiopia Pack and the new Diplomatic Quarter, religious city-states may now grant up to +6 Civ6Faith Faith in every Holy Site district (+1 Civ6Faith Faith for each Shrine, +2 Civ6Faith Faith for each Temple and +3 Civ6Faith Faith for each Worship building), depending on the number of Envoy6 Envoys assigned to that particular city-state, plus an additional +1 Civ6Faith Faith in the Capital6 Capital.


Certain luxury resources grant Civ6Faith Faith bonuses. These include:

As with all Luxuries, they are available right from the start, and could turn into an important Civ6Faith Faith source early in the game. Their significance wanes later.

Policy CardsEdit

There are several Policies which grant additional Civ6Faith Faith boosts and income. These are:

  • God King: +1 Civ6Faith Faith in the Capital6 Capital.
  • Scripture: 100% Holy Site adjacency bonus.
  • Simultaneum: +100% Civ6Faith Faith yield from Holy Site district buildings. (R&F-Only Extra Civ6Faith Faith from buildings in Holy Sites: +50% if city Citizen6 Population is 10 or higher, +50% if district has at least +3 adjacency bonus.)
  • Triangular Trade: +1 Civ6Faith Faith from all TradeRoute6 Trade Routes.
  • Raj: +2 additional Civ6Faith Faith from all city-states you are Suzerain of.

Of these, God King is one of the very first Policy Cards unlocked (earned after developing the very first Civic, Code of Laws). It may be used to start producing Civ6Faith Faith as early as Turn6 Turn 10-15, if you have no other sources available.

Pantheons Edit

Many Pantheons grant Civ6Faith Faith bonuses related mostly to terrain:

Pantheons are another very important early source of Civ6Faith Faith, although their effects can be felt even in the late game, under the right circumstances.

Religious BeliefsEdit

Some religious Beliefs grant respective Civ6Faith Faith bonuses, including:

  • Lay Ministry: Each Holy Site in cities following this religion receive an additional +1 Civ6Faith Faith
  • Pilgrimage: +2 Civ6Faith Faith for every city following this religion in other civilizations
  • Divine Inspiration: All Wonders provide +4 Civ6Faith Faith

Worship BuildingsEdit

Even more important than the Beliefs listed above are the Worship Beliefs, which unlock the special class Worship Building. These can be built as level 3 buildings in your Holy Site districts for large amounts of Civ6Faith Faith, as well as other bonuses. However, these buildings usually become available later in the game, as you establish and develop your Religion and enhance your cities and Holy Sites. The various different Worship Building Civ6Faith Faith bonuses are as follows:


A substantial number of Wonders grant their civilizations Civ6Faith Faith bonuses upon completion. These include:

Civ6Faith Faith can also be obtained through natural wonders:

Unique BonusesEdit

There are many unique pieces of infrastructure and civ/leader abilities that grant special Civ6Faith Faith bonuses:

  • The unique tile improvement, the Monastery, from being the Suzerain of the Armagh city-state, provides +2 Civ6Faith Faith and, as of Gathering Storm, an additional point for every 2 adjacent districts.
  • The unique building of Arabia, the Madrasa, grants bonus Civ6Faith Faith equal to the Science adjacency bonus of its Campus district.
  • The unique building of the Aztecs, the Tlachtli, grants +2 Civ6Faith Faith.
  • The unique building of Georgia, the Tsikhe, grants +3 Civ6Faith Faith (+4 Civ6Faith Faith in Gathering Storm). Tamar's leader ability, Glory of the World, Kingdom and Faith, grants her extra Civ6Faith Faith when declaring a Protectorate War.
  • The unique tile improvement of Egypt, the Sphinx, grants +1 Civ6Faith Faith; +2 Civ6Faith Faith if adjacent to a Wonder.
  • The unique tile improvement of India, the Stepwell, grants +1 Civ6Faith Faith if adjacent to a Holy Site and +1 Civ6Faith Faith with Feudalism.
  • The unique tile improvement of Scythia, the Kurgan, grants +1 Civ6Faith Faith and +1 Civ6Faith Faith for each adjacent Pasture.
  • The unique tile improvement of Spain, the Mission, grants +2 Civ6Faith Faith; +2 Civ6Faith Faith if built on a different continent than your Capital6 Capital.
  • The unique tile improvement of Ethiopia, the Rock-Hewn Church, grants +1 Civ6Faith Faith and +1 extra Civ6Faith Faith for every adjacent Hills or Mountains tiles.
  • Grand Barays, the civ ability of the Khmers, grants them +3 Civ6Faith Faith in each city with an Aqueduct.
  • Songs of the Jeli, the civ ability of Mali, grants them +1 Civ6Faith Faith for every Desert or Desert Hills tile adjacent to the City Center.
  • Aksumite Legacy, the civ ability of Ethiopia, grants them +1 Civ6Faith Faith for each copy of improved resources the city owns and TradeRoute6 Trade Routes receive 0.5 Civ6Faith Faith for each resource in the starting city.
  • Satyagraha, the leader ability of Gandhi, grants him +5 Civ6Faith Faith for each civilization he has met that has founded a religion that he is not at war with.
  • Righteousness of the Faith, the leader ability of Saladin, grants him +10% bonus Civ6Faith Faith output from worship buildings.
  • Lithuanian Union, the leader ability of Jadwiga, grants her +2 Civ6Faith Faith from each Relic6 Relic and additional Holy Site adjacency bonuses.
  • Exalted Goddess of the Three Worlds, the leader ability of Gitarja, grants her +2 Civ6Faith Faith from City Centers adjacent to Coast or Lake tiles.
  • Lahore's Nihang unit with Trehsool Mukh promotion grants Faith equal to 50% of the defated unit's combat strength.

R&F-Only Added in the Rise and Fall expansion pack.

GS-Only Added in the Gathering Storm expansion pack.


CIVILIZATION VI - How to Generate Faith

CIVILIZATION VI - How to Generate Faith

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