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The Fall 2013 patch is a major patch to Civilization V that was published on 15 October 2013. The following is a list of changes as announced by 2K Games.[1][2]


  • New map options on the Setup Game menu. Now, DLC map packs are grouped into folders without having to go to Advanced Setup. Additionally, all the extra maps are placed in an "Additional Maps" folder.
  • Warmonger UI improvements:
    • Now there are 4 different levels of concern displayed by the AI about the player's warmongering.
    • Added a tooltip to the city banner for each city owned by a civ you are at war with that shows the warmonger penalty and/or liberation bonus.
    • Added a tooltip for warmonger penalty and/or liberation bonus to the Annex/Liberate/Puppet popup.
  • Trade Route Improvement: Update the UI to reflect the change in Trade Route gold if a Trade Route policy is picked.
  • Added "Click to move" and "Click to view" radio buttons to improve the behavior of clicking on a great work in the "Your culture" tab.
  • Deal History tab on the diplomacy screen now shows more relevant information.
  • Air Combat Preview: added preview of damage your bombarding air unit would take. Note that this information does not include damage from intercepting aircraft or anti-air units.


  • Warmonger Penalty
    • Warmonger penalty for conquering a city is now halved with other civs that are also at war with the civ being conquered.
    • Make the building up of warmonger threats more exponential than linear (Minor - Major - Severe - Critical)
  • Research Agreements
    • Adjusted the cost for Research Agreements based on era. The cost increase should now be more linear to coincide with the gross gold-per-turn of AI civs, and also slightly cheaper when Research Agreements can first be used.
    • Will now only be cancelled with a Declaration of War or by elimination of one of the involved Civs. Denunciations no longer cause the RA to yield zero beakers upon completion of the agreement.
    • Both Civs will now only get the minimum of the two beaker counts (to balance out Rich getting Richer mechanic weakness).
  • Tourism: Further Benefits from Tourism when Influential with another Civ
    • Science (from Trade Routes)
      • Familiar: +1 Science per trade route
      • Popular: +2 Science per trade route
      • Influential: +3 Science per trade route
      • Dominant: +4 Science per trade route
    • Diplomacy/Espionage
      • Familiar: Just 1 turn to Establish Surveillance in influenced civ's cities
      • Popular: Surveillance boost (from above) plus Spies operate at an effective rank 1 level higher than actual rank in influenced civ's allied city states
      • Influential: Surveillance boost (from above) plus Spies operate at an effective rank 1 levels higher than actual rank in influenced civ's cities and allied city states
      • Dominant: Surveillance boost (from above) plus Spies operate at an effective rank 2 levels higher than actual rank in influenced civ's cities and allied city states
    • Conquest
      • Familiar: -25% reduction in Unrest time and Population loss
      • Popular: -50% reduction in Unrest time and Population loss
      • Influential: -75% reduction in Unrest time and Population loss
      • Dominant: no Unrest time; no Population lost
  • Abilities of Great Musician, Great Writer, and Great Scientist now scale properly based on game speed
  • Social Policies and Tenets
    • Social Policies: Added Mercenary Army social policy to Commerce (allows purchasing of Landsknechts). Trade Unions old effect (cheaper road/rail maintenance) moved to Wagon Trains.
    • Social Policies: Move double Trade Mission gold from Commerce finisher to Entrepreneurship.
    • Social Policies: Boost City-State trade bonus from +1 Gold to +2 Gold on Merchant Confederacy.
    • Social Policies: Merchant Navy now provides +4 Culture and +4 Production in the city with the East India Company.
    • Social Policies: Theocracy - Temples increase city gold output by 25% instead of 10%.
    • Social Policies: Boost Warrior Code from +25% to Great General creation up to +50%
    • Social Policies: Boost Navigation School to +50% Great Admiral points (to mirror the earlier change to Warrior Code for Great Generals).
    • Social Policies: Switch Ethics policy (Aesthetics tree) to Cultural Exchange (increase Tourism modifier for Open Borders, Shared Religion and Trade Routes by 15% each). The policy now gives bonuses to Open Border and Trade Routes.
    • Tenet: Order - Iron Curtain now also boosts yields on internal trade routes by 50% (on water routes the +100% modifier becomes +150%; effectively those only go up by 25% from 200% to 250%).
    • Tenet: Autocracy - Futurism now +250 Tourism for each Great Writer/Artist/Musician created (instead of +100).
    • Tenet: Weaken both bonuses from Arsenal of Democracy
    • Tenet: Spaceflight Pioneers: Remove +10 Science in Capital; add free Great Engineer and Great Scientist instead.
    • Tenet: Gunboat Diplomacy tenet now makes military units 50% more effective at intimidating City-States. Also rearranged tooltip text for bullying score so that the positive factors are always first, for readability
  • Civ-Specific Balance
    • Germany: Added the Hanse unique building (Replaces Bank, includes Bank bonuses, and +5% Production per City-State Trade Route across your civilization, not just cities that have a Hanse).
    • Germany: Boosted camp conversion rate to 67%.
    • Germany: Reduce Bismarck's desire to conquer city states from 7 to 4.
    • Japan: Give Japan an Ocean start bias
    • Japan: Japan: Samurai can build fishing boats.
    • Japan: Samurai upgrades to Rifleman instead of Musketman (also obsoletes later).
    • Japan: Bushido has a new additional effect: +1 Culture from fishing boats and +2 Culture from atolls.
    • Japan: Zero no longer requires Oil
    • Indonesia: Indonesian Candi no longer requires Fresh Water.
    • America: American Minuteman now has an additional promotion to earn points toward Golden Ages with kills.
  • Science Victory: Spaceship parts require twice the time to build (or twice the gold to buy) to increase the value of the Space Victory tenets.
  • World Congress
    • Congress: Gain 2 Delegates from a failed World Leader proposal (was 1).
    • Congress: Made Diplo Victory more difficult by increasing the delegates needed to win (2 more on Duel, 7 more on Standard, 9 more on Huge). Also exposed delegate equation values to XML for future tweaking and ambitious modders.
  • City-State Influence: Cleaned up influence calculations when a City-State is killed, to ensure a future liberator will be the undisputed ally and receive the intended reward.
    • Ally influence is set to 45 (becomes Friends).
    • Friends influence is set to 15 (becomes Neutral).
    • Neutral influence is set to 0.
    • Negative influence remains as it was.
    • When liberated, the liberator's influence is set to 150 (becomes Ally).
  • 3 New Pantheons
  • Trade Routes: All City-State Trade Routes get +1 Base gold. Gold bonus from having a route connected to a city with a Market or Bank halved (from 2 to 1). Applies to unique versions of these buildings also.
  • Great Admirals now have a "Change Port" command. If either moving into a port or starting the turn in one, they can consume the rest of their moves to jump to another port city under their control.
  • Archaeology
    • Great Works of Writing (like the Rosetta Stone) now available from 30% of the Hidden Antiquity Sites. An alternative use of these is to create a "Cultural Renaissance" (equal to a Great Writer's Political Treatise).
    • There are now diplomatic bonuses for building Landmarks in both city state and major civ territory.
  • Air Combat
    • New stacking limits on air units in cities. Starts at 6; increased to 10 when you add an Airport. Game Concept text updated to match this change.
    • Player now receives a warning that projected damage can go up if the air unit is intercepted; number of visible enemy anti-air units that haven't fired is also given in combat preview.
    • Air Combat: Award experience to intercepting planes and firing AA guns
  • Change rules for razing cities to make it so the Holy City of any religion cannot be razed.
  • Reduced combat strength of XCom Squad from 110 to 100.
  • Influence anchor point increase gained from pledge to protect is now 5 (was 10).


  • Custom AI per Civ
    • Custom worker code for Brazil: Automated workers will no longer remove jungle unless there's a resource on it (i.e.: bananas). Workers will remove jungle for resources (like spices and bananas) but otherwise will build Brazilwood Camps.
    • Custom settlement AI for Brazil: Includes player suggestions of city sites near jungle for Brazil.
    • Custom settlement AI for Indonesia: Doubled the fertility on lucrative sites that are not on the same continent as previous cities. This should help Indonesia to better use it's UA.
    • Custom settlement AI for Netherlands: Will now tend to favor marshes and flood plains when choosing a site to settle.
    • Custom settlement AI for Morocco: They should now consider desert favorable when making settlement choices/suggestions.
    • Custom settlement AI for Spain: Settling next to Natural Wonders should now be extremely attractive to Spain.
    • Custom settlement AI for Inca: Inca should now consider hills more favorably; hills bordered by one or more mountains get an additional bonus.
  • Air Combat AI: Never rebase aircraft to a city being razed.
  • Deal AI
    • Deal AI: Never ask for something from the human that we don't consider having any value (such as Open Borders from a distant civ).
    • Deal AI: make AI aware of the value of Open Borders as players close in toward Culture Victories;
    • Deal AI: Make it so the AI will never pay more than about 15 gold-per-turn. There were cases before of 40+ gold-per-turn.
    • Fix a legacy bug that prevented the AI from ever putting together offers for a luxury that a human player now has available for trade.
    • Deal AI: fix valuation of Open Borders so AI never says "I want to negotiate passage" but doesn't put anything on the table.
    • Deal AI: Have the AI accept totally even trades with the human (before they always wanted some small bonus, even when swapping embassies ... assuming they weren't putting the embassies on the table themselves).
    • Deal AI: AI now understands how to put things on YOUR side of the deal table.
    • Deal AI: Embassies now worth 35 Gold base (so AI will almost always consider them worth 1 gold-per-turn).
    • Deal AI: Embassy cost scales based on deal duration (so 1 GPT over 45 turns is worth it on slower speeds)
    • Deal AI: AI properly values Gold in hand over GPT, so over 30 turns it won't get 150 for 5GPT. Instead only 85% of that.
    • Deal AI: Slight increase (about 7%) in the value the AI gives you in gold/gold-per-turn for things (this helped with getting them to always offer 1 GPT for Embassy).
    • Deal AI: Don't give such a huge (90%) discount on open borders with friendly players. Reduced to 65%.
  • Tactical AI
    • Tactical AI: Reduce overkill percentage from 50% to 25%. Previously, the AI would gather up much more strength than needed before trying to kill an enemy unit, which could bog down AI operations.
    • Tactical AI: Make sure units moving in formation don't use extra MP to "wander" a tile or two after their primary (formation) move for the turn completes.
  • Operational AI
    • Operational AI: On water maps (Archipelago, Islands, etc.) allow land operations to have a few units "spill out" onto water tiles so the operation doesn't get bogged down trying to get to its target. Also don't use the bigger city attack formation (16 units) on such a map (use 12 instead).
    • Operational AI: Weight barbarian camps within 10 tiles of one of your cities heavily; start up operations to eradicate them quickly.
  • Military AI
    • Military AI: Civs with very high FLAVOR_OFFENSE settings (7+) will buy military units with spare gold more frequently. Will boost the number of early attacks we see, especially on high difficulties.
    • Military AI: when rebasing air units, prioritize carriers within operations over those that aren't assigned to an operation
  • Homeland AI: Fix bug in ExecuteMovesToSafestPlot() where it would consider leftover moves from another unit, meaning the safest plot was not actually chosen. This essentially makes the AI better at determining safe plots to run to when a unit has to flee from danger.
  • Policy/City AI: Added a player strategy to focus on religious buildings and wonders if the AI has started the Piety social policy tree.
  • Diplomacy AI: Increase chance of City-State conquest if that City-State is a neighbor on your way to get to a targeted major power.
  • Ideology AI: If it's possible to take a Level 3 tenet, make sure the AI always takes the one available that matches their current Grand Strategy choice.
  • Space Race AI: Don't consider capitals to be "medium cities". This change allows AI to start Apollo Program far earlier in Information Age starts where few cities are "Large" until 30+ turns in.
  • Great General AI: Fix rare case of AI trying to plant a Citadel on a tile that already had one.
  • Great Admiral AI
    • Great Admiral AI: The AI now takes advantage of the Transfer Port move to get Great Admirals out of dangerous cities and into the largest bodies of water
    • Great Admiral AI: Have the AI send Great Admirals out with more naval operations; have them stack with friendly units like Great Generals do on land.
    • Great Admiral AI: Improve the operational movement code for admirals to get to their targets.
  • Changed MINIMUM_SETTLE_FERTILITY to 20000, up from 5000 to keep AI civs from settling worthless plots. Added some logging code to track plot values.
  • Congress AI: When an Embargo on an AI player is proposed, that player will always use all of its Delegates towards preventing the Embargo.
  • Archaeology AI: Make it possible that the AI will choose to gain the diplo benefit by turning an antiquity site into a Landmark in city state territory
  • Science AI: upped the flavor numbers on Library, University, Public School, and Laboratory. Removed 'MILITARY_TRAINING' flavor from Library and University. Added culture flavor to University to support Archaeologist generation.


  • 19 new Great Works of Art. This is to address players running out a bit too early in larger games.
  • Added 3 more City-States (Vilnius, Bogota and Wellington, one of each type).


  • Beta password for the SDK tool required to access new content.
  • Added ability to swap player slots while in the staging room.
  • Stand-alone pitboss server app now included with the SDK.
  • New SDK launcher that includes the pitboss server (see addendum for quick-start guide).


  • Dedicated server added via SDK.
  • A human player's civ icon will now show as unmet in a multiplayer match until the local player has met that civilization. The human player's name will be known even when unmet. Made this consistent between the score list and the turn queue.
  • Additional refinement of hot-join system.
  • Players joining multiplayer games now delay the transition to the staging room until they have completely registered with the game.
  • Making the pitboss network modes selectable from the multiplayer select menu.
  • Now possible to switch player slots/civs in the staging room. This allows new players to select the ai civ they wish to replace when hot joining or loading a saved game.
  • Additional stability fixes.


  • Civil War Scenario Balance: apply a gentler scaling to city defense strength based on percentage of tech tree researched.


  • Sound modding now supported. Added a "Reload Audio System" option to ModBuddy. Example mods will be uploaded to Steam Workshop at launch.


  • Fixed an issue where you receive a Free Building in a city that had hard built the same building. Before the hard-built building would be sold off (deleting its effect) but due to a logic area the effects for the same (free) building would not be reapplied. Should fix Aqueducts from the Tradition finisher, Broadcast Towers from CN Tower, etc.
  • Fixed an issue causing Indonesia to get unique luxuries when acquiring a city on another continent through conquest or trade.
  • Statue of Liberty +1 production now applies to Writer and Musician specialists
  • Fixed a World Congress AI logic error where the number of Great Person improvements a player owned was counted incorrectly.
  • Fixed a World Congress AI logic error which had cultural players valuing some resolutions less than they should.
  • Mongol Scenario: restore custom names for at start Mongol units.
  • Fixed a bug where gold per turn gained from resolutions would not be displayed correctly. There are no resolutions that give gold per turn, but modders can use it.
  • The denouncement counter (Declare War pop-up) now properly counts down rather than always reporting 49.
  • Make Harbor tooltip consistent with other buildings such as Markets and Banks (they all say "additional 1 Gold" instead of 2 gold – this is then multiplied by 2 before the final gold amount is listed for a SEA trade route).
  • Fixed an issue where the total number of techs a player could steal was being zeroed out prematurely, causing the tech steal to never resolve.
  • Properly enforce restriction that you can't found a pantheon when a religion has been enhanced and a number of pantheons have been created equal to the maximum number of religions allowed on that size map.
  • Tutorials – The tutorials now enforce that only the base game rules and UI are used for tutorials.
  • Additional misc bug fixes.
  • AI embarked civilian units could plunder enemy trade routes. This has been fixed.
  • Muliplayer: Fixed an early-game OoS (followed by a broken match) that could occur when playing between a player running DX9 and a player running DX11 on certain maps.
  • An AI gifted City-State (or city) could cause a game hang if the player did not make their choice immediately (liberate, puppet, etc.) because if you paused, and then liberated, you could get a production prompt for the city which you no longer owned, blocking turn progress. This is now fixed.
  • Fix a bug that could prevent paratrooper from appearing after AI moves and was causing planes from not fading out after re-basing.
  • Fix a bug that could cause existing pre-patch saves to sometimes display "1 turn to construct Fishing Boats" on Tundra tiles in the tool-tip. Note, if you have already saved your game with this glitch already in place, you're stuck with it, but it's benign.
  • UI: Fixed the logic for calculating the total number of original capital cities a team owns and determine if there is a clear winning team.
  • UI: Fixed logic to make sure we always designate one player as "winning" with most original capitals controlled in the notification (which makes this consistent with the Victory screen).
  • UI: Fixed "Discuss" UI so you cannot ask for a DOF when one is already in place.
  • Crash fix: If you find a Great Work of Writing and don't have a Writing slot available, UI would incorrectly check if you had an Art slot (instead of Writing slot) available before deciding to give you the choice to take the writing back home (instead of the Cultural Renaissance). But if you made this choice and no slot was available the game would crash.
  • Multiplayer: Waiting for Player tooltip now shows "Unmet" for the civilization of unmet human players.
  • Multiplayer: Making the dedicated server be windowed by default to prevent a crash that occurs if you start the pitboss server over a remote desktop connection while in fullscreen. If you are already encountering the error, open your GraphicSettingsDX9.ini, and set FullScreen = 0.
  • Multiplayer: Fixed an issue where Players were unable to open incoming diplo proposals in multiplayer if they had already made a proposal of their own.
  • Multiplayer: In hotseat games, diplomacy with Player 0 could block diplomacy for other human players.
  • Windows 8 touch: Steam Layer in-game (for inviting friends to MP, etc.) was not usable. Finger clicks would read in the game even if the in-game Steam Layer was up. This has been corrected.
  • Fixed an issue causing a slow-down in turn times.
  • Score for being able to bully a city-state is now more determined by military units near the city-state and less determined by player's global military ranking.
  • Players were getting public declarations from unmet civs (like minor state protection declarations) that revealed the player name.
  • Germany: Fix the German Hanse so its bonus only reflects production.
  • UI: There were two fishing actions visible on the Sailing tech. This is now corrected.
  • UI: Adjusted the logic for calculating turns left for next social policy (was sometimes off by 1).
  • UI: Fixed a few popup dialogs that were not correctly triggering the PopupShown message.
  • Multiplayer: Reconnecting players would revert to the default multiplayer handicap. We now cache the handicap of the last human player to occupy a civilization.
  • Multiplayer: Invites to standard internet multiplayer games were only bringing the player to the main menu if they accepted when the game was not running.
  • Modding: Exposed CvPlot:GetPurchaseCityID and CvPlot:SetPurchaseCityID to Lua.
  • Several fixes to Lua loops that were not taking into account that Lua's for is a <= and not a <.
  • AI embarked civilian units could plunder enemy trade routes. This has been fixed.
  • Muliplayer: Fixed an early-game OoS (followed by a broken match) that could occur when playing between a player running DX9 and a player running DX11 on certain maps.
  • An AI gifted City-State (or city) could cause a game hang if the player did not make their choice immediately (liberate, puppet, etc.) because if you paused, and then liberated, you could get a production prompt for the city which you no longer owned, blocking turn progress. This is now fixed. To work around it for now, make your choice quickly.


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