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Fanatics are an Industrial-era defensive ground unit in Civilization II, available with the Fundamentalism advance. They can only be built under a Fundamentalism Fundamentalist government, which also waives their support cost.


Fanatics are weaker attackers than Riflemen but require half the Shield (Civ2) Production, making them a cheap and competent levy against Industrial-era opponents. Under the Fundamentalism Fundamentalism government they do not require support, allowing cities to field large armies without sacrificing production efficiency. Fanatics' effectiveness wanes against Modern arsenals, but they can serve as "cannon fodder" to confound enemies with sheer numbers unless/until stronger units can be raised.

Civilopedia entry[]

Certain circumstances, such as strong religious beliefs or a totalitarian system of government, can "inspire" citizens or factions to nationalism that approaches maniacal fervor. Fanatical groups can often succeed in seemingly hopeless situations, fighting and defeating superior enemy forces. Often, fanatics pursue military and terrorist activity for years, even decades, before they can be caught or stopped. Their strength for both attack and defense comes from their willingness to fight for the ideals they believe in, and, if necessary, sacrifice their lives in the name of their cause.


Fanatics are defined at Line 9 under the @UNITS section of Rules.txt. Only this unit is an exclusive build option for the Fundamentalism Fundamentalist government, while the free support attribute is a flag that can be given to any unit.

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