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Farm (CivBE)

Tile improvement in Beyond Earth

Maintenance None
Required technology None
Yields +1 20xFoodBE
Notes None
Faced with the uncertainty of an alien landscape, Farming has become humanity’s surest chance of survival, as it allows for the production of resources known to be safe and edible. Farms can be constructed on Plains, Deserts, and Grassland, improving the city’s food output.

Game InfoEdit

Available to build right away, provides +1 20xFoodBE Food to the tile. This yield can be improved through various means.

Technology Upgrades:


  • In addition to Grassland, Plains, and Desert, the Farm can be built on Hills and Tundra that are next to a river.
  • With Rising Tide, farms may also be constructed on coast, lake, or ocean tiles.
  • This graphic appears to have gone through several iterations.
  • As of the Winter 2015 update, the Ectogenesis Pod no longer provides +1 20xFoodBE Food for Farms.


Farms are an inexpensive way of increasing food output, and with Vertical Farming tech can match the more expensive Biowell on most terrain.

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