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Fascism is a social policy in Civilization V. It is part of the Autocracy tree and requires Populism and Militarism. It is removed from the game in Civilization V: Brave New World.

Game Info[]

  • Quantity of Strategic Resources produced by the empire increased by 100%.
  • All Great Generals receive +2 Movement Movement (GodsKings5 clear.png only).


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Civilopedia entry[]

Fascism is a political and social movement that believes that the state must be all-powerful. The needs of the state are paramount, and the state requires strong leadership and absolute obedience on the part of the people. The state is a collective organism: concepts like individualism or freedom are aberrations and ultimately weaken the state. Fascist states are often quite imperialist, seeking to expand their territory and influence over weaker neighboring states. They see war as a creative force, regenerating the national spirit and winnowing out the weak and unfit. This form of government was quite popular in certain states in Central Europe during the last century but other states didn't much like it, and it was ultimately abandoned after some unpleasantness.

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