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Fascism is a form of Tier 3 government in Civilization VI. It is unlocked by the Totalitarianism civic.

In Rise and Fall, this government's legacy bonus is conferred by Fascist Legacy, a Wildcard policy unlocked by changing governments after adopting Fascism and constructing a Tier 3 government building (National History Museum, Royal Society, or War Department). In Gathering Storm, adopting this government unlocks Third Alternative and Martial Law.


Fascism focuses heavily on military prowess. With 4 Military Policy Military cards, it has more military options than any other Modern Era government in the game and all the tools a civilization needs to obtain a Domination Victory. Its unique effects allow its adopter to build up a strong military very, very fast. Combined with certain leader bonuses and civilization abilities, it can open up new possibilities for win conditions for civilizations like America. Fascism's unique effects combined with both of America's unique units becoming available in the Modern Era means this particular civilization can achieve a massive mid-to-late game military power spike.

Civilizations that favored Oligarchy in the Classical Era may also find Fascism's similar characteristics a welcome sight. Scythia and Japan, for instance, may make good use of Fascism's combat bonuses if they aren't pursuing another victory condition. Greece under Gorgo receives an automatic +9 Strength Combat Strength for all units, which can reach even higher if she fills up her Wildcard Slot Wildcard slots with Military Policy Military policies.

A few civilizations might seek to utilize Fascism for a non-military reason. One is Wilfrid Laurier's Canada, which can utilize the unit Production Production bonus provided by Fascism to train more Mounties and found more National Parks. Others are Alexander's Macedon and Ambiorix's Gaul, which can obtain Science Science and Culture Culture (respectively) from training units.

Note that the +5 bonus does not cover Religious Strength Religious Strength. Thus civilizations striving for a Religious Victory won't benefit at all from this form of government. It applies to Nihangs and Vampires but not to Warrior Monks.

Civilopedia entry[]

Fascism – authoritarian nationalism – evolved in the chaos caused by the First World War and the world-wide Great Depression. While it technically refers to the Fascist Party, a political group in Italy, we use the term to refer to governments such as Imperial Japan, Mussolini's Italy, Franco's Spain, and Nazi Germany. While in its focus upon the figure of the leader, fascism resembles an extreme form of modernity, it is ultimately a futurist ideology, seeking to reshape society anew. In the early 20th century, the nature of war, society and technology underwent such extreme changes that fascist movements sprang up in many countries (including democracies such as Great Britain, the United States, France, Italy, Germany and others) around the globe. In some, fascist political parties managed to seize power through guile, bloodshed or even elections: Italy, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Hungary, and Nationalist China, where Chiang Kai-shek considered fascism to be the “practical” solution to rapid modernization. Other nations, notably several across South America and Asia, embraced varieties of fascist ideology

Marked by militarism, nationalism, modernism, repression, and opposition to Communism, fascist governments embody totalitarianism, in which the state seeks to control the hearts and minds of its citizens via propaganda or outright repression. In terms of economics, fascist systems incorporate elements of both capitalist and socialist systems, in that they mobilize private industry for state (read: military) might. With the defeat of the Axis in World War II, fascism ceased to be a present danger to the world order, but fascist regimes and tendencies continued elsewhere (and continue in places today that emphasize a strong leader and military might), and fascist political movements can be found nearly every place, waving the flag of racist ethno-nationalism, monarchy, or rabid national pride.


  • The artwork of Fascism depicts Arno Breker's statue "Die Partei" and a bundle of Fasces.
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