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Feedsite Hub
Feedsite Hub (CivBE).png
Building in Beyond Earth
Cost 225 Production
Maintenance 1 Energy Energy
Requires 2 Supremacy Supremacy
Specialist slots None
Effect +3 Culture Culture
+1 Science Science from Int'l and Station Trade Routes
Notes None

After building a Feedsite Hub, a Quest can give you another covert operations agent or increase the speed of workers by 10%.

History[edit source]

A number of colonial administrations sought to insure a common culture prevailed throughout their settlement, and so built communications hubs, later termed “feedsite bubs” by satirists and adopted by the human populace planetwide. Using quantum computer networks, each feedsite disseminated news, art and entertainment across a large but bounded region. Unlike the “World Wide Web” on Old Earth, it was neither global nor intended as a reference grid; rather it promoted the arts with an eye towards propagating colony-sanctioned attitudes and beliefs through entertainment. Although most governors gave lip-service to the feedsites being egalitarian and embracing freedom of expression, the reality varied greatly from colony to colony. With the development of cochlear and retinal implants and other neuroprosthetics, citizens increasingly had direct access to the feedsite hub; eventually, biochips provided brain-computer interface unimaginable just a few decades before. Users could download literary works to their memories, engage in neurogaming and holo-theatricals, wander virtual galleries, and even utilize synthetic telepathy for public discourse and debate. While some colonial philosophers and social scientists decry the perceived enforced cultural assimilation of resistant subcultures and commercial marginalization of certain artistic movements, the feedsite hubs have indeed brought more people together than most other social structures on this planet.

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