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The Fighter is an Atomic Era air fighter unit in Civilization VI. It upgrades from the Biplane (or its replacements) and requires Aluminum Aluminum.

In the Gathering Storm expansion, the Fighter requires 1 Aluminum Aluminum to train and 1 Aluminum Aluminum per turn to maintain.

  • Attributes:
  • Abilities:
    • May perform Patrols to Intercept incoming enemy aircraft.


The Fighter is the next step in the evolution of air support, and boasts higher Ranged Strength Ranged Strength than even a Machine Gun. It's great for helping ground troops who are beating back an enemy assault (or making a push into enemy territory), and for defending cities against enemy Bombers that may attempt to unleash nuclear weapons on them.

The major enemy of the Fighter is anti-air weapons and the Battleship's AA capabilities. Should your Fighters fly too close to one of these units, they will take major damage and possibly be destroyed outright.

Air fighter units, including the Fighter, cannot be deployed to tiles in the fog of war or in enemy territory even when the tile is within the deploy (Movement Movement) range of the unit.

Civilopedia entry[]

And fighters filled the skies ... well, eventually. Fighter aircraft were developed during WW1 to counter the dirigibles, balloons, recon, and bomber aircraft that populated the skies above the battlefield. Small, slow, fragile, and lightly armed by later standards, these first fighters – the original “pursuit” pilots used everything from grenades to grappling hooks to try to bring down enemy craft – were made effective in the role of killer when the 'stangensteuerung' (interrupter) gear was designed by Anthony Fokker in 1915 and fitted to the German Eindecker, making it the most feared fighter at the time. By the end of the war, thousands of fighters had taken to the sky ... and been shot down by the hundreds. In WW2, fighters were generally metal monoplanes, and tasked with all sorts of things: strafing and bombing ground targets, interdicting or protecting bombers, patrolling over vital things, reconnaissance missions, and of course, shooting each other down. Modern jet fighters are even faster and more heavily armed than those vintage WW2 warbirds, but the missions haven’t changed much.


  • The Fighter's model is based on the Messerschmitt Bf 109, a famous German fighter plane used during World War II.
    • The T-variant was the only version equipped with an arrestor hook, therefore allowing it to land on aircraft carriers.

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