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Fire Goddess is a Pantheon in Civilization VI: Gathering Storm, introduced in the June 2019 Update. It provides +2 Faith Faith from Geothermal Fissures and Volcanic Soil.


Fire Goddess is a useful pantheon for the Māori (whose unique building provides extra Culture Culture and Faith Faith from tiles with passable features), the Ethiopians (who can already generate huge amounts of Faith Faith from Volcanic Soil with the Rock-Hewn Church), the Inca (who have an incentive to settle in regions where Geothermal Fissures and Volcanic Soil are most commonly found), and the Hungarians and Spanish (both of whom have a starting bias for Geothermal Fissures). It's also somewhat useful for players who spawn in Africa on an Earth map, since they have guaranteed access to two Geothermal Fissures if they settle near Mount Kilimanjaro.

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