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The Fishery is a Governor tile improvement in Civilization VI: Rise and Fall. It can only be built in a city in which a Surveyor Governor with Aquaculture is established, and must be on a Coast or Lake tile.

The Fishery cannot be built in a Coast Tile with a Reef.


The Fishery provides its city with Civ6Food Food, helping it grow rapidly. Build it around cities rich in water-based resources to make their Citizen6 Population skyrocket. As of the September 2019 Update, Fisheries provide a Housing6 Housing bonus to help with growth from the new food source.

The Fishery is unique in that it can be built on any Coast tile, not just on resources like Fishing Boats, which makes it similar to the Farm. Of course it will be more productive when placed next to resources, but even on normal tiles, and after its parent city develops a Harbor district with all its upgrades, the Fishery will provide a great source of Civ6Food Food. Use it as a saving grace in cities built in arid areas (Desert, Tundra) where there is an inherent problem with Civ6Food Food production. The Fishery does not, unfortunately, get a boost from God of the Sea.

When possible, the Indonesians and the Dutch should favor Kampungs and Polders over Fisheries, as those improvements are generally more productive.

Note that the in-game description of the Fishery says that it provides +1 additional Civ6Food Food if adjacent to a sea resource; however, it actually provides +1 additional Civ6Food Food for each adjacent sea resource.

Civilopedia entryEdit

Cultures that rely upon fishing to thrive must eventually grapple with the threat of overfishing. The more fish pulled from the sea, the less there are to create more fish.

One tried and tested solution is the humble fishery, which rears its stock in confinement to produce a somewhat predictable amount of fish. Cultures have practiced this “sustainable aquafarming” for millennia, from ancient China’s carp fisheries to modern coastal salmon pens. Such practices work out well for all involved—except, of course, the fish.

Related achievementsEdit

Steam achievement Circle of Life (Civ6)
Circle of Life
Build a Fishery adjacent to the Great Barrier Reef
A reference to the popular song of the same name from The Lion King, a 1994 Disney animated film.
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