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Game Info[]

Unique building of the Aztec civilization. Replaces the Water Mill.

  • Special traits:
    • -1 Gold Gold maintenance cost
    • +15% Food Food in this City
    • +2 Food Food for each worked Lake tile.
    • Can be built next to any source of fresh water.


The Floating Gardens is a magnificent early game building. In addition to the usual Water Mill effects, it provides 15% increase in Food Food, and +2 Food Food per lake tile worked; it also requires 1 less Gold Gold to maintain than the Water Mill it replaces. Overall, it provides a great kick for your food production.

Aztec players should try building their cities in the right places (on rivers, or near lakes), so that they can use the benefits of the Floating Gardens to their maximum.

Civilopedia entry[]

A floating garden is a small artificial island constructed on a freshwater lake in order to increase the land available for agriculture. The lake irrigates the island and provides it with fresh organic material, resulting in an incredibly fertile growing environment. The Aztecs were masters of this form of agriculture, and the "Floating Gardens of Xochimilco" remain famous today.

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