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A flood is a natural disaster in Civilization VI: Gathering Storm. There are two types of flood:

River floods Edit

These are 'normal' disasters which happen along rivers in which have the Floodplains feature (this includes rivers on all terrain types except Tundra). The level of the water rises, flooding all floodplain tiles found along the river; and then recedes on its own on the next turn.

  • Effects:
    • Damages or destroys District (Civ6) districts, improvements and units in the floodplains areas near the river. This may also include a City Center, in which case the center loses some Health and Defenses (if it has them).
    • May kill some Citizen6 Citizens in a nearby city.
    • Can fertilize affected tiles (adding Civ6Food Food and/or Civ6Production Production potential)
    • A Dam district built along the same river will mitigate floods there. Fertilization rates will drop about 50%, but there will be no destruction anymore.

River floods have three levels of severity, starting with Moderate and ending with 1000 years Flood. The Disaster setting of the game controls what levels of Flooding will occur more often, but Climate change may also contribute to their severity.

Egyptians receive full fertility from Floods yet suffer no damage from them.

Floods can be summoned by a Soothsayer standing on a Floodplains tile in the Apocalypse Game Mode.

Flood effects Edit

Below you will find a table describing the percentage chance of happening for all effects for each different severity level:

Severity Damages
Improvement District Building Population Civilians killed Units Garrison
Moderate Pillaged: 100% 0 100% 0 0 0 0
Major Pillaged: 100%; Destroyed: 50% 50% 100% 15% 15% 30-50 HP 30-50 HP
1000 Years Pillaged: 100%;

Destroyed: 80%

80% 100% 25% 25% 50-70 HP 50-70 HP

It is interesting to note that floods fertilize differently each type of Floodplain; find below the different percentages. Each expresses the chance of a tile to gain +1 of the given yield, and note that a single tile may gain both yields from the same flood!

Severity Yield type Plains Floodplains Grassland Floodplains Desert Floodplains
Moderate Civ6Food Food 30 15 25
Major Civ6Food Food 45 25 30
Civ6Production Production 10 30 15
1000 Years Civ6Food Food 60 40 45
Civ6Production Production 15 40 25

Since the Antarctic Late Summer Update Floods will lose their fertilization effects after Climate Change level IV. They won't start removing yields gained, though.

Coastal floods Edit

The second type of floods happen on Coastal Lowland tiles along the coast, and are a direct result of melting ice caps (which in turn is a result of Climate change). Coastal flooding will start occurring as Climate change progresses to certain phases, and will affect first the 1-meter tiles (that is, the lowest-lying flatlands), then the 2-meter and finally - the 3-meter ones.

  • Effects:
    • Damages District (Civ6) districts, improvements and units in the affected tiles.
    • Flood waters will make the tiles unusable (cannot be Worked by Citizen6 Citizens) until a Flood barrier has been constructed in a nearby city.

As Climate change progresses further, coastal land will become Submerged. Submerged tiles are irrecoverable and become permanent Coast tiles; all districts there are lost. The tiles, however, may be worked as normal Coast tiles; they may also receive any applicable improvements (such as an Offshore Wind Farm).

Related achievementsEdit

Steam achievement Seahenge (Civ6)
Have Stonehenge become submerged due to Coastal Flooding
Reference to a skit by the YouTube comedy channel Door Monster.
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