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Flood Plains are a type of terrain feature in Civilization V.

Game Info[]

Terrain feature found on flat Desert tiles which are adjacent to Rivers.


Flood Plains greatly benefit civilizations that start near large deserts, as they allow normal development in an otherwise harsh and inhospitable environment. Try to settle your cities near Rivers to use the Flood Plains for Food Food.

Using an Atomic Bomb or a Nuclear Missile on Flood Plains tiles will remove them. This is particularly useful when facing the Dutch (who can construct Polders there) or the Arabians and the Moroccans (who tend to get most of their Food Food from Flood Plains).

Civilopedia entry[]

Flood plains are low-lying areas adjacent to rivers. Every year the river floods, providing natural irrigation and rich nutrients to the land, making flood plains incredibly fertile and the most productive farmland in the world. Ancient Egypt owed most of its wealth and power to the annual flood of the mighty Nile river.

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