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Flower Power is a Dark Age Policy Card in Civilization VI: Gathering Storm. It is available from the Atomic Era to the Future Era and uses a Wildcard Slot Wildcard slot.


If you've saved up a lot of Faith Faith and are closing in on a Cultural Victory at the beginning of a Dark Age, this policy will help your Rock Bands propel you to the finish line. However, it will increase the cost of producing or purchasing military units, so make sure your defenses are in order when you adopt it.

Civilopedia entry[]

The term “flower power” emerged from the late-60s milieu of Hippiedom, first as a pacifistic rejection of the Vietnam War, then as a general call for the re-ordering of society with an explicit rejection of militarism, especially in the context of demonstration. In these events, protestors could often be seen placing flowers in the barrels of the weapons of National Guard and police forces sent to keep order. As the commodification of counterculture continued through to the early 1970s, “flower power” became a catchall for dress styles, psychedelia, and an effort to brand products for people who weren’t about branding, man.