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Game Info[]

Excellent against airships, but not very strong against land units. It also has a limited range, and must base at a city or Sky Fortress.

  • Common traits:
    • Interception (50)
    • Air Sweep
    • Bonus vs fighters and airships (150)
    • Bonus vs airships (150)


Flyers have a short range and a moderate attack. They excel at hit and run tactics, especially against airships and Sky Fortresses, which are too bulky to effectively dodge their strikes. Their limited range restricts them to mostly defensive roles at first, but later on the Sky Fortress can act as their mobile base, transporting them to directly into the battlefield.

Civilopedia entry[]

They Flyer began as an inventor's novelty, one of the many results of the widespread participation in science brought on by the age of Steam. Advancements in propulsion had done wonders for land and sea vehicles: why not apply them in the pursuit of the eternal dream of human flight? The engine mounted on the fuselage was bulky, so every ounce of weight had to be save if the plane was to fly. Cloth was used instead of metal wherever possible. later, as technology advanced, weapons were mounted on it and liberties were taken with the original design.