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Food Food is one of the main tile yields in Civilization: Beyond Earth.


Food is mainly acquired by having your Cities work the Terrain around them. More food can be obtained from resources, tile improvement, buildings and trade. Clearing an Alien Nest or combining artifacts may also yield a one-time food boost.


Food is gathered for one important purpose, that of growing the Population Population of your cities. Each Population Population consumes 2 Food. Note that all percentage modifiers to Food are applied after consumption is taken into account; as such, they will affect growth rate but not maximum population.

Some effects cause Food to be carried over after city growth:

City growth[]

A city grows by storing enough Food Food required to increase the population by 1.

The specific amount of Food Food required to increase the population by 1 is calculated as follows:

Food required = p² + 6p + 8

where p is the current population of the city.

Population City size Food Food required for growth
1 15
2 24
3 35
4 48
5 63
6 80
7 99
8 120
9 143
10 168
11 195
12 224
13 255
14 288
15 323
16 360
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