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The Food Market is a growth-enhancing building of the Modern Era in Civilization VI: Rise and Fall. It is built in the Neighborhood district (or one of its replacements).

  • Effects:
  • GS-Only Effects:
  • Restrictions:
    • Limit of one per city (even if the city has multiple Neighborhoods).
    • Cannot be built if Shopping Mall has already been built in one of this city's districts.

Strategy Edit

If you think trading 465 Civ6Production Production for 3 Civ6Food Food sounds like a bad deal, you are right. Before the release of Gathering Storm, there is no circumstance that this building is worth your time and effort, as the Shopping Mall, albeit not very impressive either, is clearly the better choice, because at least the Shopping Mall serves a purpose if you go for a Culture Victory. In Gathering Storm, this building is somewhat better, considering the lower Civ6Production Production cost and an improved amount of Civ6Food Food it provides. If you do not go for a Culture Victory and have a Neighborhood district in your city, you may want to go for this, but even that this building should be very low on your priority list, as Civ6Food Food is not exactly the most valuable resource at this time of the game.

Civilopedia entry Edit

Far from the fluorescent-lit commercial food production hubs of today, early open air markets were a place for farmers to offload excess crops and livestock. Customers, in turn, would be able to inspect food for (relative) cleanliness.

Food markets would become a necessary feature of cities which moved further from areas of food production—part commerce, part civic endeavor to keep the population fed. Some markets were constructed alongside the cities in which they were founded; for instance, merchants have been selling cheese and meat at the Suq Bab al-Lūq in Cairo since 969 CE.

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