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Foreign Exchange is an additional title for Reyna the Financier.

Foreign Exchange is a Level 1 title for Reyna, a Governor in Civilization VI: Rise and Fall. In Civilization VI: Gathering Storm, its effect gets incorporated into her default title, Land Acquisition, thus removing it as a Level 1 title.


+3 Gold Gold per turn from each foreign Trade Route Trade Route passing through the city.

Civilopedia entry[]

Since the creation of coinage, there has been an agreement that not everyone’s coins are valued equally. From this, the foreign exchange came into being, allowing traders to get locally-accepted currency in exchange for whatever coin they arrived with, usually allowing the exchanger to keep a percentage of the transaction. The English word “bank” derives from the Italian “banca,” which was the name of the counters where medieval money-men performed foreign exchange.

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GS-Only.png Added in the Gathering Storm expansion pack.