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A Forest is a type of terrain feature in Civilization V.

Game Info[]

Terrain feature found on Tundra, Plains, and Grassland tiles.

  • Base yield: 1 Food Food, 1 Production Production
    • +1 Faith Faith if unimproved and adjacent to a city, with an additional +1 Faith Faith for having 3 or more unimproved adjacent Forests (Celts only)
  • Attributes:


Forests present interesting opportunities, such as some unique resources like Deer Deer and Truffles Truffles, and a natural defensive bonus. They also provide a one-time boost to a nearby city's Production Production process when cut down, which can be used strategically. Lumber Mills, Camps, and Trading Posts can be constructed in Forests without cutting them down, but ordering any other tile improvements will cause them to be removed (still providing the one-time Production Production boost).

Forests on certain terrains are very important, because they replace the base yield and so in certain cases are effectively "improvements" to the base terrain yield. Try to preserve them there should you settle a city in the Tundra or on Grassland. They may prove a hindrance or help on Hills, depending on the yield required – chopping them down and mining them may prove helpful.

Also, the Celts and the Iroquois have unique abilities and buildings which make a very effective use of Forests - when playing as one of these civilizations, search out and settle in or near Forests. Note that the Iroquois do best with an advanced start where the Lumber Mill improvement is already available and may suffer in earlier eras without it.

Civilopedia entry[]

For early man, the forests were a great source of bounty, providing wood for fire, tools and shelter, and also many animals for sustenance and clothing. As a city grows there is a great temptation to cut down the forests for farmland, but a wise leader will always leave some standing - for productivity and to lift his people's spirits. Also, military units stationed in forests receive a significant defensive bonus.

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