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A Forest Fire is a natural disaster in Civilization VI, introduced in the Maya & Gran Colombia Pack. During it, a tile with Woods or Rainforest catches fire, which may later spread to nearby tiles with the same feature.

  • Effects:
    • Burns a tile with Woods or Rainforest feature on it. Any tile with these features is vulnerable, be they with or without additional resources or improvements.
    • Fires do not spread from Woods to Rainforest or vice versa (important when planning to use Soothsayers to fertilize tiles).
    • Rivers do not prevent the fire spread
    • The fire pillages improvements, damages units walking through it (meaning those that finish their turn in a burning tile), and reduces the Citizen Population of the city that owns the tile by 1.
    • Burns for 3 turns.
    • On the second and third turns, the fire can spread to any adjacent Woods or Rainforest tiles.
    • Once the fire has burned out, the Woods and Rainforest is replaced with a Burnt variant, boosting the tile's Food Food yield by 1.
    • Over the next 3 turns, it regrows until it returns to its normal state, at which point it also boosts the tile's Production Production yield by 1.
    • Fertilization affects the tile, not the feature. Chopping the Woods/Forest would not remove the bonus yields from the tile.
    • The Burning and Burnt variants of Woods reduce the Appeal ratings of nearby tiles by 1, instead of increasing them by 1. The Burning and Burnt variants of Rainforest still reduce the Appeal ratings of nearby tiles by 1 like normal Rainforests do.

Note that the affected city will lose Citizen Population even if it is not working any of the tiles that catch fire. As counter play you could shape forested areas into smaller clusters or have builders nearby to remove features in key locations when a fire occurs. Liang with Reinforced Materials, when established, will prevent forest fire spread within the city borders. You could, in theory, also choose which city loses the Citizen Population by swapping tiles between cities where possible.

Forest Fires can be summoned by a Soothsayer standing on a tile with Woods or Rainforest in the Apocalypse game mode.

In-game disaster descriptions[]

Type Description
Forest Fire The trees catch alight, creating an unstoppable fire that will rage across the landscape. Only you could have prevented this.

Terrain variants[]


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