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A fortification (usually just called a fort) is a defensive tile improvement.

Building Forts[]

A civilization's Workers can build forts as soon as it discovers the Mathematics technology. Like most tile improvements, forts cannot be built in foreign territory. They can, however, be built in neutral territory, and of course within a civ's own territory. Forts may be built on any tile except oasis tiles. Building a fort removes any other tile improvement present except for a road or railroad.

It takes Workers 10 turns to build a fort on normal speed, with the normal scaling for other speeds (15 on epic, 30 on marathon, 7 on quick).

Effects on Military Units[]

A fort gives a +25% defensive bonus to land units on its tile.

A fort counts as a city for the purpose of combat. Thus, any units with inherent bonuses related to combat in cities (e.g. Archers have inherent +25% city defense) will get those benefits defending (or attacking) a fort. Also, land units with City Garrison promotions will get those benefits in a fort, while attackers with City Raider promotions will have increased strength when attacking any unit in a fort.

All forts count as a friendly city for the purposes of military unit healing.

Coastal forts act like a coastal city for naval units: naval units can move into the fort tile. Land units can board and unboard transport-capable ships in a fort without loss of movement points.

Forts serve as airbases, allowing up to four air units to be based there. Paratroopers can drop from a fort, and missile units can be based there.

If a fort is captured (that is, occupied by enemy units) when naval, missile, or air units are there, they are destroyed. Forts can also be destroyed by spies, bombardment, or pillaging; when this happens, naval units will be expelled to the ocean while missile and air units are rebased to the nearest city or fort with space for them. If there is nowhere for air units to be, they are destroyed instead.

Economic Effects[]

Although they do not affect a tile's production, forts may unlock any resource present on their tile. For a fort to unlock a resource, two conditions must be met:

  • The fort must be within a civilization's cultural borders.
  • That civilization must have the technology to use (not just see) that resource.

Note that there are some resources which you can see on the map before you can use. For example, Oil is revealed by Scientific Method, but only accessible with Combustion.

Coastal forts act like port cities in linking to their civilization's trade network.

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