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What's the earliest year you've ever achieved victory?

My recent try (my Bk 116 on v 1.0.0) was at Beginner level (of course!) on 100% size with 60% land and the self-imposed rule of never breaking an alliance or other agreement. Victory was 1977. Had 7 friends eventually, but the 6th and 7th contributed almost nothing and would probably have "contributed" more if I had refused to make peace and had conquered them. I felt a little constrained at the nearness of two nations, which noticeably restricted my choice of city site. Maybe 150% size would have been better in that respect. Seas were smaller than I like, so maybe 50% land would have been better.

Anyone else done anything similar?

-- Robin Patterson (Talk) 23:50, December 3, 2013 (UTC)