FreeCol is a free-to use open source imitation of Sid Meier's Colonization. First released in 2003, it has undergone over 20 named version upgrades since, as it long ago passed 75,000 lines of code and 53,000 comment lines with 550 java files. Throughout 2017 there were new unnamed binary releases for Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux about once a week.

This wiki can accommodate any number of pages about FreeCol: beginners' guide, strategies, units, Founding Fathers, versions, ... . The Freeciv Wikia has good models of categories etc, but many of its pages would need " (FreeCol)" added to their names here so as to distinguish from other games.


See FreeCol versions for earlier versions. Note that recent versions may need their "Compatibility" tweaked if played on Windows Vista or Windows 7; see FreeCol and Windows.


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"0.12.0 ------ Objective: Improve gameplay" - discussion in 2017 suggests that this was near; "0.13.0 ------ Objective: Easier customization of the game."; "0.14.0 ------ Objective: Improve graphics and audio"

  • FreeCol 1.0.0 - intended to be "an almost exact Colonization clone"; "the gameplay and the rules will be exactly the same as the original game". Some players may have the impression that the game is already up to there and better, but the developers modestly retain that as a future goal on their roadmap. See FreeCol 1.0.0/Divergences from Colonization.
    • One major improvement already implemented is the addition of four new (but historic) colonial powers: Portugal, Sweden, Denmark, and Russia, each with a unique in-game advantage.
  • FreeCol 2.0.0 - intended to be "an implementation of our (and our users') image of what Colonization 2 would have been".


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