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FreeCol 0.7.0 was released 13 July 2007.

  • Map editor
  • Trade and negotiations with other Europeans
  • Map of the Americas
  • Trade routes can be automated

Versions 0.7.1 (13 August 2007). 0.7.2 (19 September 2007: switch between fullscreen and windowed mode; zoom), 0.7.3 (27 January 2008: tutorial messages), and 0.7.4 (16 June 2008) followed, all including bugfixes. 0.7.4 plays well on Windows Millennium Edition operating system, which cannot be said of every modern game release.

By this stage, the game had come very close to being a good imitation of the original game.


(Not necessarily the best for 0.8.0, which seems to have a lower ratio of really good finds in LCRs and has less flexibility in the choosing of Founding Fathers.)


Go for Hernando de Soto as soon as possible, so as to send scouts into all possible Lost City Rumours, because the value of LCRs outweighs almost everything else (even the occasional loss of a colony). While the scouts are waiting for Hernando de Soto, and along the way as they seek out LCRs, visit the natives, particularly if other Europeans are nearby, because only the first scout visitor to each settlement receives something of value.


Send scouts early (as noted above). Then trade with all of them that are within easy reach of ships or wagon trains. It's worth far more than the one-off loot from destroying them. Not to mention the gifts they bring and the chance to establish missions and gain converts. Make a word-processor table to keep track of what goods each is likely to want next time.

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January 2009: FreeCol 0.8.0

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