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FreeCol 0.8.0 - Released 15 January 2009 (after a few months of alpha versions). See Works fine on the 9-year-old unsupported Windows Millennium Edition.

  • Four new nations possible (with option, in single-player mode, to have any number of European rivals from 0 to 7)
  • New sound effects (though no music)
  • Forests' appearance changed, and some changes to other terrain
  • Units slide instead of jumping
  • Player may name geographical features (when starting a game with the "Exploration Points" option) - regions, rivers (both the traditional sort and the new-style "great rivers"), mountain ranges

But the big thing is reportedly the ability to use XML to define gameplay mechanics.

New nations[]

  • Portugal, of course: Brazil being the obvious reason, with Vasco da Gama helping swing the pendulum
  • Denmark, which colonized Greenland long before other European powers were up to such exploits
  • Sweden, a major power centuries ago. The Swedes settled in New Jersey before the Netherlands took over it.
  • Russia, which approached the northwestern side of America but eventually sold Alaska to America.

They have default advantages, but see below.

National advantages[]

Human player can choose to play as any power with any power's advantage, not restricted to the default advantage of the chosen power.

Founding Fathers[]

Choosing FFs is apparently more restricted. No longer can you "ESC" to get a fresh selection next turn if your favourite is not on offer: you have to choose one of the five. So if really keen to get De Soto on board you should, choose whichever explorer is on offer.

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