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FreeCol's 0.9.0 "alpha" stage was released in early October 2009 and the final form in early January 2010.

  • Pictures of buildings in colony screen. Arranged in a fixed order, unlike the original game, where only the water-related buildings had a fixed place on the page.
  • More permissible variety in screen size. (That will please anyone who has an Eee pc 1000, which has 1024 by 600 screen resolution.)
  • Clear "borders".
  • Smarter AI.
  • You can abandon a colony even after it has a stockade. (In Col1 you cannot, which should be the default option in FreeCol 1.0.0.)
  • With de Witt, a custom house circumvents boycotts.
  • Changed algorithm for bells per founding father; as burschik says: "We now use an algorithm that this source ( claims to be that of the original game."

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