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As FreeCol version 1.0.0 gets closer, it is time to list all the differences from the original game and discuss whether they are good differences or should be either eliminated or kept as options for players. Please list facts about Col1 and the latest release of FreeCol here, with comment on the talk/discussion page. Latest version discussed here is 0.9.5, with notes about "0.10.0 alpha" and later versions where known and noticed by someone.


  • Corner-cutting on rivers and jumping from one river to another:
    • Col1: you are going overland if you do that (which may end your turn sooner than you had hoped);
    • FC: such a move is treated just like a move along a river.
  • Stepping from ship to shore:
    • Col1: unit's turn ends;
    • FC: it is the same as stepping there from another land tile, so that a mounted unit will have movement points (1, 2, or 3) available to finish its turn. 0.10.0 is believed to revert to the Col1 rule.

  • Adding or shedding horses or muskets
    • Col1: lose all movement points that you might have had and any "Fortify" order (i.e. stay where you are, without the benefit of fortification, until next turn)
    • FC: no effect on movement points or fortification, e.g. a fortified dragoon can shed his horses and either remain fortified or move off as a soldier.
  • Where new ships bought in Europe appear in the New World:
    • Col1: location relates to your last ship movement to or from Europe;
    • FC: new ships first appeared in the New World where the very first one appeared, which was very annoying if your colonies were mostly a long way from there. Fixed in 0.10.2 or earlier.
  • Ship or wagon train reaching colony before using all movement points:
    • Col1: unit's turn ends;
    • FC: its turn ends only if it loads or unloads something.

Production and rebel sentiment[]

  • Names of factions:
    • Col1: Sons of Liberty (SoL) and Tories
    • FC: Rebels and Royalists
  • Formula for SoL (see SoL percentage):
    • Col1: "Bells divided by (population plus one)"; includes the colony's central tile as a unit of population in its formula - e.g. if you are 90% with one occupant you presumably have about 180 bells and you will therefore be 60% with two people (2+1=3) and 45% with three (3+1=4) and so on - and seems to have other subtle factors in play to change the numbers slightly;
    • FC: "Bells divided by (population times two)"; which is the same as in Col1 only for a population of 1.
  • Horses (increases if enough food and no stables)
    • Col1: With any number between 2 and 50, increase 2 per turn; between 51 and 100: 4; 101-150: 6; 151-200: 8; 201-250: 10; 251-288: 12; with stables, double those
    • FC: With any number between 2 and 29(?), increase 1 per turn; between 30(?) and 50(?), increase 2 per turn; ... ; with stables, increase is 10% (rounded down) subject to the storage ceiling
  • Horses v food
    • Col1: Where there's surplus food, half (rounded up) goes to new horse production. So a one-person colony producing 3 food when there are 2 or more horses will produce one new horse per turn and have no food gain; produce 4 food and gain 1 horse, 1 food; produce 5 and gain 2 horses, 1 food. (Do fish count?)
    • FC: Fish do not feed horse growth but are counted before grain so that horses can increase if there is surplus grain. But FC developers were rounding down for odd numbers as late as 0.10.2.
  • Colony's central tile:
    • Col1: it shares the 50% and 100% bonuses (but not the production penalties)
    • FC: it stays the same whatever the bonus (apart from effects of clearing or plowing). By 0.10.2 the food was sharing the bonus but the other product was still not (?).
  • Desert and scrub forest:
    • Col1: 1 food
    • FC: 2 food


  • What natives will buy (unless you've failed in a haggle, in which case they won't want that again until after a successful purchase of something else):
    • Col1: Mostly a settlement has a group of four (mostly processed goods) and will be interested in any except the last one it bought; occasionally the group composition changes; and the game does not tell you unless you visit
    • FC: Mostly a settlement has a group of three and will be interested in any but is likely to tire if offered the same one repeatedly; may refuse to buy one that it says it is interested in, even if you have never offered it before and doubt if anyone else has; occasionally the group composition changes; and the game tells you the current list whenever you click the settlement
  • What natives will sell:
    • Col1: Mostly primary products except lumber; sometimes cloth or coats; never more units than you offered them, and often fewer, down to zero
    • FC: Generally 100 (and the range of products is not quite the same as in Col1)


  • Map and co-ordinates:
    • Col1: Bird's eye-view with grid N-S and E-W; displays co-ordinates of active or highlighted unit
    • FC: Isometric; to see co-ordinates you need to right-click then choose the terrain name; and it's not easy to work out the co-ordinates of nearby tiles because of zigzag numbering
  • Discovering Pacific Ocean:
    • Col1: You get told when a scout reaches the coast or a ship sails in
    • FC: You get told only when a ship sails in
  • Buildings in colony screen:
    • Col1: Spread around rather randomly, though the sea-related building places are fixed
    • FC: Fixed order but no apparent logic to it, not matching either the order of cargos or the order of options for colonist work
  • Loading the carrier that was blinking on the colony tile:
    • Col1: easy: it's the one that's at the head of the list ready to be loaded or unloaded or just moved away
    • FC: never easy if there are two or more carriers in "port": the one that has its holds displayed is the one at the end of the list, the last to have arrived and therefore generally not the one that was blinking and not ready to be loaded and/or moved
  • Colony on mountain:
    • Col1: prohibited (which is why you cannot have a "Panama Canal" on the standard America map);
    • FC: merely discouraged
  • Building colony (as distinct from tool work) on native land
    • Col1: allowed at no cost
    • FC: before 0.10.0 you pay unless you have Minuit; 0.10.0 restores Col1 freedom
  • War Of Independence
    • Col1: Has to be won by 1850 (iirc) or you are forced to negotiate a settlement
    • FC: Can go on forever.