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Free Market is an Economic Policy Card in Civilization VI.

Strategy Edit

This policy will significantly boost the Civ6Gold Gold output of buildings in Commercial Hubs, though they'll need to have a high adjacency bonus and/or be in large cities to benefit from it in the expansions. In Gathering Storm, it becomes much easier to leverage when playing as Mali (whose Suguba can be built adjacent to both a Holy Site and a River for a +4 bonus) or after building Machu Picchu (which will provide a +1 bonus to Commercial Hubs built adjacent to Mountains).

Civilopedia entry Edit

In a “free market” system, the prices for goods and services are set by consent between sellers and buyers dependent solely on the forces of supply and demand, rather than a government, monopoly or other controlling authority. There are two pillars to a free market: voluntary exchange and private property. Compelling intellectual arguments in favor of private ownership of all things would not be made until John Locke did so in the 17th Century. A century later Adam Smith would offer the most concise argument (he is considered by normally dour economists as the “father of free market economics”) for a laisse-faire economy, which he proposed benefitted everyone (greed being good) in a civilization equally.

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