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Freeciv (also known as "The Freeciv Project") is a 4X strategy game with single player and multiplayer game modes. The project has evolved into a game engine playable on the PC Windows, macOS, and Linux platforms, or on the web.[1] The engine enables community-created DLC for making games with customized rules and content. "Default" rules resemble Civilization II, but expanded and more modern evolutions are quite popular.

The game is available in over 30 languages, free[2] to download and play, and can also be played online from any device with a web browser.[1]


The project originally started as an emulation of Sid Meier's Civilization for UNIX-based platforms, but has since evolved into one of the longest running open-source game communities in history. It was originally released in January 1996, prior to Civilization II. A modernized version 2.6 was released in July 2018.[3][4] A public beta of the greatly expanded 3.0 has since been released, but a later version is currently available.[1]


The user community has created historic "Civ1" and "Civ2" compatibility modes which closely emulate Sid Meier's commercial games. However, the "default" ruleset has evolved past the older rules. It implements new concepts and improvements from later "Civ-like" strategy games. This includes "Civ2Civ3" hybrid rules and the newest "Multiplayer II Evolution" released in 2019.[5][6]

Beginners can select the "Start Scenario Game" option, which includes a tutorial scenario - an ordinary game but with lots of on-screen advice.

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