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Napoleon PC (Civ1)

Napoleon in the DOS version.

Napoleon (Civ1)

Napoleon in the SNES version.

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The French people represent a civilization in Sid Meier's Civilization. Their leader is Napoleon Bonaparte, their capital is Paris, and their color is blue (which they share with the Germans).

Playing this civilization on Earth can make for an interesting and high-risk opening, if the Romans and Greeks are also in play. Moving east with the initial Settlers or the first military unit often leads to the early conquest of two rival civilizations.


  1. Paris
  2. Orleans
  3. Lyons
  4. Tours
  5. Chartres
  6. Bordeaux
  7. Rouen
  8. Avignon
  9. Marseilles
  10. Grenoble
  11. Dijon
  12. Amiens
  13. Cherbourg
  14. Poitiers
  15. Toulouse
  16. Bayonne

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S Replaces Zulu in SNES version