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The French civilization is a default civilization in Civilization II.


The French are a blue civilization. A game including the French will not have the Germans or Vikings.


Louis XIV and Joan of Arc (Civ2).png
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The default male leader of the French is Louis XIV (1638–1715), Bourbon king of France from his infancy until his seventies. During his reign, he curtailed lingering aristocratic and Protestant power in France. He placed his grandson Philip on the Spanish throne, but at the cost of some colonies and Philip's ability to inherit France as well.

The default female leader is Joan of Arc (c. 1412–1431), a French peasant girl who—inspired by religious visions—is usually credited with having saved France from English and Burgundian domination during the Hundred Years' War.

French leaders use the default titles except under fundamentalism and democracy. A French high priest or priestess, like a German or Spanish one, is called an "archbishop". A French president is called a "premier".

City list[]

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The default French list includes towns in France, Monaco, Luxembourg, Belgium, and French-speaking Switzerland and Canada.

  1. Paris (default capital)
  2. Orleans
  3. Lyons
  4. Rheims
  5. Tours
  6. Marseilles
  7. Chartres
  8. Avignon
  9. Besancon
  10. Rouen
  11. Grenoble
  12. Dijon
  13. Amiens
  14. Cherbourg
  15. Poitiers
  16. Toulouse
  17. Bayonne
  18. Strasbourg
  19. Brest
  20. Bordeaux
  21. Lille
  22. Calais
  23. Caen
  24. Rennes
  25. Le Mans
  26. St. Nazaire
  27. La Rochelle
  28. Montpellier
  29. Nice
  30. Cannes
  31. Toulon
  32. Vichy
  33. St. Etienne
  34. Limoges
  35. Chambery
  36. Nancy
  37. Troyes
  38. Versailles
  39. Belfort
  40. Quebec
  41. Montreal
  42. Monaco
  43. Geneva
  44. Luxembourg
  45. Brussels
  46. Antwerp
  47. Dunkirk
  48. Le Havre
  49. Valance
  50. Lausanne
  51. Perpignan
  52. Beauvais

When this list is completed, the game continues with the names in the extra cities list. When that list is completed, the game cycles back to the top of this list with "Paris" again.

Paris, Orleans, and Lyons (i.e. Lyon) are the same as Lutetia, Aurelianorum (i.e. Aurelianum), and Lugdunum on the Roman list. Monaco is the same as Monoecus on the Carthaginian list.


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In the Rome scenario, Marseille is the Independent Greek city Massalia. La Tene in Switzerland is the Celtic capital and usually colonizes central and western France.

In the World War II scenario, the French are a purple civilization (Indians) representing Marshal Pétain and Vichy France. Parts of the French Empire are controlled by the Allies under Churchill.

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