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Frigid (CivBE)

The Frigid biome is a biome introduced to Beyond Earth in the Rising Tide expansion.


Far past its prime, Frigid biomes are frozen wastelands covered in glacial hulks rather than mountains with seas appearing to be choked with ice floes.

Alien BehaviorEdit

Aliens on these worlds rarely, if ever, attempt to leave the vicinity of their nests and are very aggressive when approached, leading to dense pockets filled with alien resistance. Aliens will have less movement, but they have more combat strength than normal.

Aliens colors range from white to light blue and green

Civilopedia EntryEdit

Chilled to the core, these freezing planets are prepared to test the constitution of any that decide to make Frigid worlds their home. With oceans hovering just above freezing temperatures, deserts composed of sheets of almost pure dark ice, and grasslands perpetually covered in a thick layer of frost, survival is a task easier said than done. It would appear, however, that the local lifeforms are not without adaptations to the cold as well. The cold slows their biological processes and hinders their movement, but their bitterness and hostility is only exacerbated. Beware any that settle on these icy wastelands, for the climate and local populace alike will grant no mercy.

Marvels Edit


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