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Fur is a resource in Civilization IV.


Furs are a luxury resource. They provide commerce and happiness to the city that works them, but are made obsolete by Plastics.

Civilopedia entry[]

Throughout history, animal furs have been valuable commodities for trade and sale. Many different types of animals including minks, rabbits, and beavers have been captured by trappers for the purpose of obtaining their pelts for use in the making of clothing and other items. The exploration and colonization of the New World caused the fur industry to boom by making a variety of furs readily available. By the late 1800s, farms were set up specifically to raise animals for the fur industry. Starting in the 1970s, environmentalists and animal rights groups have lobbied to change public opinion concerning the harvesting and sale of furs. Despite these vocal groups, the fur industry remains as profitable, if not as widespread, in the world today.

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