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Furs Furs are a luxury resource in Civilization VI. They are found mostly on Tundra tiles, or sometimes on other terrain with Woods.


Furs Furs provide bonuses to Production Production, Food Food, and Gold Gold when improved with a Camp by a civilization that has discovered Synthetic Materials and Mercantilism. These diverse yields make them valuable resources, especially in Tundra where resources are scant.

Players using Russia or Canada should make an extra effort to claim Furs Furs: Russia already gets extra Faith Faith and Production Production bonuses from Tundra tiles, but often lacks Food Food (unless you've taken Feed the World as a religious belief, which is almost a must for Russia), which a Furs Camp will provide. Canada, on the other hand, clearly got the better end of the deal, as all Camps in Tundra provide +2 Food Food for the Canadians from the getgo, the Canadians do not require Faith Faith for any Canada-specific strategy, and their Production Production troubles are solved by Wilfrid Laurier's leader ability.

Civilopedia entry[]

Homo sapiens have been wearing the pelts of fellow mammals since they wandered into the cold climes, about 125 thousand years ago. Once wool and flannel fabrics were developed, which were far more durable, warmer, and easier to keep clean, wearing furs was just an affectation. Nonetheless, several species were hunted to near extinction during the 1700s and 1800s – beaver, fox, mink, seal, the list goes on. Others were bred in captivity – ermine, sable, chinchilla, etc. – to be harvested for their coats. And the “fur trade” (think Hudson’s Bay Company) made some men very rich.

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