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The Future Era is the ninth and final era in Civilization VI: Gathering Storm. It is preceded by the Information Era.


The world contains marvels beyond the dreams of ancient prophets, and terrors more fearsome than any apocalypse. Machines search for meaning and new matter weaves dream-like forms. Choices made long ago bear grave consequences in this age and demand resolute answers. Go now, and achieve your vision for the future of civilization.

Game InfoEdit

The prerequisites for all technologies and civics of the Future Era are randomized with each playthrough. The technologies unlock naval tile improvements and upgrades for the Giant Death Robot, the civics unlock powerful new Policy Cards, and both unlock new projects. Future Tech and Future Civic are available at the very end of their respective trees.

It is not possible to start a game in the Future Era.


Advanced AI (Civ6) Advanced AI
Advanced Power Cells (Civ6) Advanced Power Cells
Cybernetics (Civ6) Cybernetics
Offworld Mission (Civ6) Offworld Mission
Predictive Systems (Civ6) Predictive Systems
Seasteads (Civ6) Seasteads
Smart Materials (Civ6) Smart Materials
Future Tech (Civ6) Future Tech


Cultural Hegemony (Civ6) Cultural Hegemony
Exodus Imperative (Civ6) Exodus Imperative
Global Warming Mitigation (Civ6) Global Warming Mitigation
Information Warfare (Civ6) Information Warfare
Smart Power Doctrine (Civ6) Smart Power Doctrine
Future Civic (Civ6) Future Civic

Tile ImprovementsEdit

Seastead (Civ6) Seastead
Offshore Wind Farm (Civ6) Offshore Wind Farm

Projects Edit

Carbon Recapture (Civ6) Carbon Recapture
Exoplanet Expedition (Civ6) Exoplanet Expedition
Terrestrial Laser Station (Civ6) Terrestrial Laser Station
Lagrange Laser Station (Civ6) Lagrange Laser Station

Related achievements Edit

Steam achievement Future is Now (Civ6)
Future is Now
Be the first to complete all the technologies in the Future Era in a game with 8 or more players
Either a refernce to the song 'The Future Is Now' by Non Phixon, or a reference to a popular internet meme 'The Future IS Now, Old Man' from the TV series 'Malcolm In The Middle' (S3E10).
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