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 "I think we agree, the past is over."
– George W. Bush

Game Info[]

Who knows what the future holds? We may not be able to predict what advancements Future Tech will allow, but it can be researched repeatedly and will increase your score each time by 10.

Futorical Info[]

It's difficult to write a "history" for technology that hasn't actually been discovered yet. But here are some possible big breakthroughs that might dramatically alter the human condition. Sooner or later, medicine will figure out how to cure cancer and other diseases, dramatically increase human life, and directly interface the human brain with machines. Cheap, clean forms of energy will be discovered. Computers will get faster and smaller. Games will get more immersive and realistic. Nasty new weapons will be invented. And a giant killer death robot will be created to destroy all life on the planet, but we will be saved by an army of mutant kung-fu cyborgs. The future will indeed be interesting!

Civilization V Technologies [edit]
Ancient Agriculture Animal Husbandry Archery Bronze Working Calendar Masonry Mining Pottery Sailing The Wheel Trapping Writing
Classical Construction Currency Drama and Poetry GodsKings5 clear.png Engineering Horseback Riding Iron Working Mathematics Optics Philosophy
Medieval Chivalry Civil Service Compass Education Guilds GodsKings5 clear.png Machinery Metal Casting Physics Steel Theology
Renaissance Acoustics Architecture GodsKings5 clear.png Astronomy Banking Chemistry Economics Gunpowder Metallurgy Navigation Printing Press
Industrial Archaeology Biology Dynamite Electricity Fertilizer Industrialization GodsKings5 clear.png Military Science Rifling Scientific Theory Steam Power Telegraph1
Modern Ballistics GodsKings5 clear.png Combustion Electronics Flight Mass Media1 Plastics Radio Railroad Refrigeration Replaceable Parts
Atomic2 Atomic Theory Combined Arms GodsKings5 clear.png Computers Ecology Nuclear Fission Penicillin Radar Rocketry
Information2 Advanced Ballistics Future Tech Globalization Lasers Mobile Tactics GodsKings5 clear.png Nanotechnology Nuclear Fusion Particle Physics Robotics Satellites Stealth Telecommunications GodsKings5 clear.png The Internet BNW-only.png
1Vanilla only 2Atomic and Information eras are Future Era in Vanilla
GodsKings5 clear.png Valid only in the Gods & Kings expansion pack.
BNW-only.png Valid only in the Brave New World expansion pack.