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Lady Deirdre Skye
Deirdre Skye (SMAC).jpg
Lady Deirdre Skye
Name Deirdre Skye
Rank Lt. Commander
Position Chief Botanist/Xenobiologist
Country of Origin Scotland
DOB 05-28-2025
Height 170.1 cm
Weight 52.2 kg

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Gaia's Stepdaughters are a faction in Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri. Led by Lady Deirdre Skye, they seek harmony with planet.

Faction characteristics[]

  • +1 Planet (environmental safeguards; can capture mind worms)
  • +2 Efficiency (experience with life systems such as recycling)
  • -1 Morale (pacifist tendencies)
  • -1 Police (freedom-loving)
  • +1 Nutrients in fungus squares
  • Can use mind worms as police unit (reverence for native life).
  • May not use Free Market economics
  • Aggression Pacifist
  • Priorities Explore
  • Starting Tech Centauri Ecology
  • Agenda Green (Economics)
  • Aversion Free Market (Economics)

Although Deirdre is not restricted from using the Planned economics choice, an AI-controlled Deirdre will take offense at a player's choice of such.

Leader's defining quote[]

In the great commons at Gaia's Landing we have a tall and particularly beautiful stand of white pine, planted at the time of the first colonies. It represents our promise to the people, and to Planet itself, never to repeat the tragedy of Earth.

-- Lady Deirdre Skye, "Planet Dreams"


  • Conversations With Planet
  • The Collected Poems
  • Planet Dreams
  • Our Secret War


  • Dr. Scott, science advisor
  • Lindly, native-lifeform specialist talent. If the first native-lifeform combat unit created by the Gaians dies, Deirdre will create a monument known as Lindly's Rest.

List of bases[]


  1. Gaia’s Landing
  2. Gaia’s High Garden
  3. Forest Primeval
  4. Children of Earth
  5. Vale of Winds
  6. Mindworm Pass
  7. Blackroot Palace
  8. Greenhouse Gate
  9. Razorbeak Wood
  10. Last Rose of Summer
  11. Lucky Autumn
  12. Dreams of Green
  13. The Pines
  14. Velvetgrass Point
  15. Song of Planet
  16. Nessus Shining
  17. Silverbird Park
  18. Fallow Time
  19. Autumn Grove
  20. The Flowers Preach
  21. Resplendent Oak
  22. Lily of the Valley
  23. Virgin Soil
  24. Garden of Paradise
  25. Thorny Vineyard
  26. Chiron Preserve
  27. Memory of Earth
  28. Mindworm Laboratory
  29. Fungus Formation
  30. Xenofields Preservation
  31. Garden of Eden
  32. Chiron’s Guardian
  33. Trees of Wisdom
  34. Echoing Forests
  35. City on Trees
  36. Harmony Valley
  37. Muirs Keep
  38. Red Hill City
  39. Peace with Planet
  40. Planetary Walk
  41. Greenhouse Complex
  42. The Greenwell
  43. Sun Soaked Fields
  44. Gnarled Roots
  45. Oaken Shadow
  46. Blessed Autumn
  47. Glowmite Towers
  48. The Green Way
  49. Nature’s Bounty
  50. Mother’s Love


  1. Garden of the Deep
  2. Deirdre’s Fishery
  3. Water Garden
  4. Ocean Flower
  5. Falling Water
  6. Great Lagoon
  7. Sea Cradle
  8. Garden of Fishes
  9. Sea of Green


  • The leader of Gaia's Stepdaughters is voiced by Carolyn Dahl.

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