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Galley (CivRev)

Naval unit

A/D 1/1
Moves 2
Cost 30
Upgrades to Galleon
or Cruiser
Required technologies


Required resources


Other attributes

Cannot give naval support

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Galleys are both useful and easily accessible in Civilization Revolution. They are available to every civilization from the very beginning of the game and can be used as soon as one is constructed, or even gotten from a defeated Barbarian village.

Unit Analysis[]

Galleys can attack and defend like other units, but are rather weak and slow (especially when compared to Cruisers and Battleships). However, as the first seagoing vessels, they have several uses:

Galleys can only sail in shallow waters (pale colored sea), restricting the ship's movement to coastal areas. (There is an exception in some scenarios; one downloadable add-on has a Wonder that allows the builder's Galleys to go anywhere.) However, these ships can hold as many units as other ships to explore new lands and to take a fast route to enemies' cities and victory! Galleys may move up to 2 spaces per turn, and the Ranger Militia that they come with may move 1 space per turn on land.

Building the Leonardo's Workshop Wonder will upgrade galleys to Galleons or Cruisers (depending on the civilization's technology at the time), but not to Battleships.

Unique Replacements[]

Greek Galleys are replaced by the Trireme. It is the same as the regular Galley.


  • Galleys, like Submarines, cannot give Naval Support.
  • Galleys are either regular or Veteran depending on whether or not a Barracks is in the city where they were built. Galleys obtained from Barbarians are never Veterans.
  • Winning victories does not allow a Galley, or any other naval or air unit, to upgrade to veteran. Only using a Great Leader, upgrading all your non-veteran units in exchange for losing him (not the best idea in most cases), can do this.
  • Galleys owned by the Spanish move more tiles.

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