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Melee Unit in Beyond Earth
Required 4 Harmony Harmony
4 Supremacy Supremacy
1 Titanium Titanium
1 Xenomass Xenomass
Transgenics Transgenics
Moves Moves (CivBE).png 3
Base Unit Strength Strength 34

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Game info[]

  • Melee stealth unit. Unlocked at Transgenics.

The Geliopod is a Harmony-Supremacy Supremacy - Harmony hybrid melee unit sheathed in a variety of both technological and organic cloaking methods that allows them to wander through ally and enemy territory alike with impunity. Extremely effective at a commerce raiding, worker slaying, and improvement raiding role, these bio-mechs aren't quite as effective in direct combat against non-infantry targets. Hit-and-run is the key strategy to use with these submarines of the landscape.

Unit Upgrades[]

Tier 1[]

Early game Geliopods are a surprise to players who are already familiar with them - they are one of the only two stealth units on land, with the Nanohive which is additionally part of the same hybrid affinity. Their resource and Production cost are average but their Strength and Movement are quite respectable. They function as hunter-killer cavalry at this stage of the game, mainly because they do not have their powerful choice of perks yet.

A Geliopod sneak-attacking a Siege Worm (left) and its upgrade pose (right)

Subject Tier 1 (Geliopod)
Tech Prerequisites Transgenics
Affinity Prerequisites 4 Supremacy Supremacy

4 Harmony Harmony

Resource Cost Xenomass Xenomass, 1 Titanium Titanium
Production Cost 320 Production Production
Combat Strength 34 Strength Strength
Movement 3Moves (CivBE).png
Passives Invisibility

Tier 2[]

Tier 2 Geliopods are in their prime due to their perk choices. Aside from a Strength boost which is not as spectacular as other units, their generic and unique perk provides +70% Strength in surprise attacks, which allow it to reach very high damages for a fairly low resource-costing unit. Use them as hunter-killers at this stage - they are pretty unacceptable as a frontline.


Tier 2 (Evolved Geliopod)

Tier 2 (Elder Geliopod)

Tier 2 (Prime Geliopod)
Tech Prerequisites Transgenics Transgenics Transgenics
Affinity Prerequisites 5 Supremacy Supremacy

12 Harmony Harmony

9 Supremacy Supremacy

9 Harmony Harmony

12 Supremacy Supremacy

5 Harmony Harmony

Resource Cost Xenomass Xenomass, 1 Titanium Titanium Xenomass Xenomass, 1 Titanium Titanium Xenomass Xenomass, 1 Titanium Titanium
Production Cost 450 Production Production 450 Production Production 450 Production Production
Combat Strength 68 Strength Strength 68 Strength Strength 68 Strength Strength
Movement 3Moves (CivBE).png 3Moves (CivBE).png 3Moves (CivBE).png
Perk Choice A +70% Strength Strength against units that it was invisible to +70% Strength Strength against units that it was invisible to +70% Strength Strength against units that it was invisible to
Perk Choice B +40% Strength Strength when not next to friendly unit +50% Strength Strength when defending against ranged +40% Strength Strength outside friendly territory
Passives Invisibility Invisibility Invisibility

Civilopedia entry

A great development in biologically influenced robotics is the Geliopod. This unit has been engineered with a mixture of mechanical and biological surfaces, allowing it to seamlessly blend into its suroundings, rendering it invisible from a distance.

This unit was designed to operate as a solo, independent unit embracing the element of surprise to unleash devastating ambush attacks. After identifying and stalking its enemy, the Geliopod pounces and attacks ferociously. Although it is only lightly armored, its natural stealth tends to keep this unit safer than those with similar levels of armor.

As it cannot be attacked while invisible, the Geliopod is most effective in hit-and-run assaults.


  • the +70% Strength Strength is arguably the best perk to choose if you know how to keep out of ZOC, as it increases the Geliopod's Strength Strength to 116, on par with that of Xeno Titans.
  • Pairing upgraded Geliopods with a Prime Nanohive with the +2 sight upgrade can open up some interesting new tactics by allowing them to function as stealthy hunter/killer teams with the Nanohives functioning as scouts for the Geliopods.