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General Bock is a famous figure in World History he lived from 1880 to 1945 he died nearly 5 years to the day of the scenario his he found in on CTP2 this implies that he was successful beacuase he survived the Initial blitzkrieg campaign (invasion of the low countries and France)

Western Front Campaign[]

This General is Specific to only the Western Front Modpack. and specific to Germans when Starting if your playing as the French the only way you can gain him is if you defeat him in battle then capture him and choose brainwash option rather than random or kill options. if your the French and yu get Bock if you put him in control of a stack of 12 S-35's this general can steam roll any German city even though he used to work for them. one diwn side if he is defeated in battle he dies because the computer rarely brainwashes but computer brainwashing does occur from time to time its rare. they are more likely to Kill the offending General Units and he is Eliminated from the rest of the game.

German Civilization[]

Bock is one of the so-called 4 best Generals that had served on the Western Front Campaign in the Year 1940. There were more than 4 German generals but Bock and the other 3 are the only ones that are playable.