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Genetic Design
Genetic Design (CivBE).png

Primary technology of Tier 2

Science 380 Science
Requires Genetics
Leads to Social Dynamics


Buildings enabled Gene Garden
Ectogenesis Pod
Cloning Plant
Improvements enabled None
Satellites enabled None
Units enabled None

Allows the Gene Garden and Cloning Plant buildings. Unlocks the Ectogenesis Pod Wonder.

"Do you change the steps in the dance of life? Or does the dance of life change your step?"

- Kavitha Thakur, Bhagavad 4


By the time of the Seeding, scientists on Old Earth had perfected molecular and cell cloning, but the cloning of genetically tailored, viable full organisms was still in its infancy. When Hans Spemann developed the process of somatic cell nuclear transfer in 1928 AD to create animals that were genetically identical, it began the chain of research that would result in the ability to clone genetically modified organisms en masse now common on this world. Meanwhile, techniques for genetic engineering using Xenomass were pioneered by colonial scientists that were far beyond what had been possible before. Together, these advances meant that unique species could be custom created by geneticists, and then produced in sufficient numbers to benefit the settlements.